Youth Affairs

On a recent Saturday morning, I was in a combi to Game City and I was sitting in front of 2 ladies. These ladies were having a recap of what had happened the previous night. It emerged that one of the ladies had had a fight with someone, during a drunken stupor.The ladies were about their babalase (hangover) and how bad it was but nevertheless they seemed to be enjoying every moment of it.There was a glimmer of hope though, when the other lady advised her friend to stop drinking because fa a nole, ke mathata fela (when you are drunk, it’s problems).  To which, the friend responded; “ke tla bo tlogela fa ke sena go bona monna, kana bo nkhipa busy (I will stop drinking when I get a man, isn’t it the booze keeps me busy)”.  My my my! This is the talk of a lady whom I figured was around 35 years of age. With a straight face, to all open ears of the commuters, she bares all this.  Imagine what was going through my developing, self-discovering mind.  I am telling you, if I were confused, I would have found the whole fascinating.  I mean after all, they are my elders and they are supposed to show me right from wrong.  Isn’t that so? This got me thinking, you know us intelligent people, we are forever thinking! Of late, there has been a lot of talk that young people have no respect, irresponsible, drunkards, have forgotten their culture, and so on and so forth.

Now guys, with such behavoiur as of the two ladies in the combi, I’m not surprised youth are acting this way. It’s quite evident that ga re sele fatshe (our behavoiur is not foreign).  If our elders are acting this way, how should we the youth act?  I mean clearly people that we look up to are a big disappointment.  The youth might be said to be out of control, which I don’t believe but some of our elders are even worse.
We’ve got these sugar daddies and mommies running after young ones all over. Should we expect the youth to follow suit then? Of course, you learn from your elders, even the worst.
So, I think it’s time the attention shifts a bit from the youth to adults. A ba bewe leitlho le bone (keep on eye on them also).  Think of this; in most cases, a child brought up in a respectful family grows up to be respectful.  But a child brought up in the wrong way turns out wrong.  No magic about it.
I believe it’s time adults set good example for their children, lest we have a nation of irresponsible talk and behavoiur.  Remember Setswana saying that “susu ilela suswana fore suswana a go ilele”.

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please get me her number if you see her next time. im looking for ma woman of any age..


how do i contact guys ba youth affairs.

i hsve some project to propose to them


ke mmaagwe bo mang tota.sis.


wat comes from your mouth that’s where your life goes,so its very important to guard wat comes frm your mouth.speak positive most of the time.

da brat

well well ..

ga o bona mosadi a ntse letagwa jaana ke tsaya gore ga a isi a ithikomele ko tshimologong.
most of ladies who drink alot are never serious about life….
ke ipotsa gore a re bana bone ba gole jang.if you take care of yourself from childhood ga o kake wa thoka monna,i know very well why a sena monna..
”too much sex and alcohol can make you very old” never mix the 2.i think she has misused her womanhood before time.
e vaile nako msadi ke gone gore o i nelele alcohol..


kamoso go tsoga gotwe banana ga ba utle