Lasting headache for painkiller thief
UNDER PRESSURE: Kebonyekgotla Keretetse

Blames his actions on stress caused by pregnant girlfriend

A security officer who was charged with stealing two packets of powdered painkillers from a shop in Gaborone told court that he was stressed because of his pregnant girlfriend who keeps harassing him.

Kebonyekgotla Keretetse, 41, told old Naledi Customary Court on Wednesday morning that he never really intended to steal the grandpa packets worth P79.90 from Shoprite, but was distracted by a phone call from his girlfriend hence he walked out of the shop without paying for the goods.

Keretetse was cut shot by the prosecutor before going into details of the case since he had already pleaded guilty to the offence.

Nonetheless outside court, he further explained his tale of woe to The Voice saying, “I went to Shoprite with the sole intention of buying offal stew (serobe) and grandpa. I took the grandpa first and when I was told the offal is finished I was distracted by the call and walked out without paying and I was arrested,” Keretetse explained.

He had earlier in court told Kgosi Kenneth Thari that he is taking care of his two children and his pregnant girlfriend.

“If the woman is giving you so much trouble, why are you still in the relationship?” Kgosi had asked, to which Keretetse responded, “I cannot leave her because she is carrying my child.”

Keretetse is of the view that his girlfriend resents falling pregnant and is taking it out on him.

“We are not even cohabiting anymore. All she does is label my private parts everytime she calls,” he added.

Keretetse has been dismissed from work due to the petty theft and the customary court gave him a four months suspended sentence.

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