Making a Mzansi horse racing statement

COLOURFUL PLASTIC: Sean Gleeson and his girlfriend Meghan Lombard putting on a plastic dress

I am not a fashionista and am very far from being one but I could not resist asking our very own fashion guru Ms Mpho Laing to step aside this week so I could share the glitz and glamour that I feasted my eyes on last weekend.

I travelled to the magnificent city of Cape Town for the first time ever courtesy of South Africa Tourism to cover the renowned J&B Met horse racing event which ran under the theme, ‘Larger than life’.
And indeed the event lived up to the theme as South Africans and others spectators from beyond borders turned up in large numbers dressed to kill, impress and show off  their latest collections as one lady said.
To say I was shocked and impressed by what I saw is an understatement. I was shocked because I thought a horse racing event was just like any other sporting occasion where people don’t really dressed up.

BLACK OVER WHITE: Mzansi ladies dressed up in black and topping up with white umbrellas

My mindset about the event however began to change on Friday evening as I paged through one of the South Africa local papers and saw fashion designer Uyanda Mbuli showing off one of the superb dresses that she was likely to wear at the event. It was then that I realised that there was more to the event than horses running on the course for the grand prize to make some people rich.
And come Saturday, I was really looking forward to seeing horse racing mixing with fashion and my goodness wasn’t that done to the extreme.

YOUNG AND FASHIONABLE: Singer Serista, Thembi Seete and HHP

The ordinary and the celebrities especially those in the entertainment industry turned up in various themed attires looking all good, wacky and colourful. I am sure most dressed up to outdo the next person and I must say those people know how to dress up and rise to the occasion.
Let me stop here and reserve more space for the pictures so you can also feast your eyes and see what I saw though not all. After all a picture says a million words.

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