La Poochie daut
Dreamchaser: Stepping in for the men

For the ordinary jita

Inspired by lack of customer preference, Thabiso Poochkins Mogale birthed La PoochieDaut, a fast growing men’s quality Loafer shoe business.

Abiding by his slogan “for the ordinary jita” he appeals to a wide selection of stylish guys, who are about always looking sharp at their feet at an affordable rate.

He describes his loafer lovers to be anyone, from “your everyday guy at the bus rank, that guy in the Kasi that wants to look good, the one starting their first job, up to his boss that mingles with big corporate owners”.

Complete or compliment your look gentlemen, for these slip-on shoes go with every dress code, and are suitable for both winter and summer wear, whether casual, formal, or smart-casual looks on special occasions.

Incase you’re wondering how to get yourself a pair of exclusive La Poochie Daut, follow them on fb and instagram @ La PoochieDaut and indulge in a wide selection of quality, modern Loafers at an affordable price.

Delivery is free in Gaborone and a minimal fee is paid for purchase outside the city.

The bonus is in the experience behind the brand, they aim to please, so when purchasing a pair of La PoochieDaut a special mat is presented to step on, to embrace the feel in the comfort beneath ones feet.

It’s a unique modern trademark that has its own movement, adding an experience to shoe shopping!

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