Models strutting the Africa Fashion week catwalk in Koketso's collection

She uses bold accessories, plays with bright colours, interesting and flawy fabric that sashes lightly on skin. And with every step it makes femininity ooze out in a way one may otherwise have never had the opportunity to appreciate.

Her love for fashion has seen her pack her bags, leave home and follow her heart’s calling to the various continents of the world. Go to Europe, Asia, America or even back home in Africa, you’ll find a trace of the dynamite in Koketso Chiepe, as her designs (both clothes and handbags) stand proudly in various boutiques and chain stores. Currently based in London, Koketso is an international fashion designer right from Gabs city!

I’ve had the opportunity to experience Koki (as she’s referred to by those close to her)’s spring collections at the annual Africa Fashion week in Joburg, for two consecutive years. And boy, is she fearless in the use of playful pieces and colour. Batswana will early this year get a glimpse of this young lady as she plans to invite at least three leading local designers and host an international celebrity filled fashion night, right here in Gabs City, with some of her personal buddies, Indashio aka VH1’s Glam God, and Victoria’s Secrets top model Sessilee, gracing the event. From Africa, the likes of Sonia Sedebe aka Ntombi of Generations, Bonang Matheba of Live music show, will be at  this night of  glamour that is meant to promote Botswana brands internationally.  And what would a local fashion show of that scale be without Botswana’s one and only, Mnet Face of Africa’s winner, Kaone Kario?

A different touch to an alice-band, together with traditional fabric, Africa celebrates

As much as I loved 2010, it seems 2011 is coming with a bang. Simply put, I can’t wait to celebrate the fashion industry at a well coordinated event with experienced international players.
If you asked me what I loved about 2010, it surely is the young Batswana driven by their passions to rock and own the world. The likes of Joseph Seeletso, heating up Poland as a Celebrity Chef, Emma Wareus gracefully taking on the Miss World stage as First Princess, Amantle Montsho sprinting out the race tracks, Kaone Kario swaying on the TV screens as Top Billing’s top four finalists. Wow! Am I proud and energised by my own…. Watch out world, this is only a taste of what a Motswana child is spiced up with.

The Fashionista’s choice

Bright yellow Jimmy Choo pair, for the not so shy

If you are one of those that have for sometime had little faith in our weather bureau, I bet you see them differently now. As predicted, the rains are here and so, we may as well believe we shall be drowning in floods soon.

Some come in very interesting, yet subtle patterns

For my fashion lovers, the hottest item in your wardrobe, or rather on your feet during these wet days is none-other-than the rubber boots aka Wellington boots. Store your normal shoes away and save them from losing their shape, as well as you losing your pockets as you dig in, either to repair or replace them.
Happy season to you all!!!

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