Gaborone West Police have arrested murder suspect, Joseph ‘Jozi’ Boheto who has been on the run after he allegedly killed his robbery victim, Bakang Sento.

Allegations are that on the night of 27th January, at Mariot Club in Gaborone’s Block 6 location, Boheto allegedly searched Sento and stole his mobile phone.

When the victim confronted him demanding his phone Boheto allegedly stabbed him in the chest.

Sento was rushed to Princess Marina Hospital where he was admitted until he died on the 2nd of February.

Speaking to The Voice, Gwest Police Station Commander Onious Madziba said initially the accused person was wanted for unlawful wounding but the offence was changed to murder after Sento died.

He said the investigations are ongoing and that Boheto has been remanded in custody.

“The investigating officers are still registering statements of possible witnesses. Recently we had a ‘stop, question and search’ operation on the streets in my policing area and we discovered weapons such as knives and screw drives. That is an offence because these weapons, we suspect are used in robberies and thieves use them to harm people. My advice is that when thieves attack you, do not resist because you might end up losing your life,” said Madziba

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