Khoisan taking the industry by storm

Set to release single featuring Bekezela

A rough idea from Roc Lefatshe’s Suffocate saw the birth of a five-member Setswana inspired group, Khoisan.

Having released their maiden single ‘Marabele’ last month, Khoisan look set to conquer the world.

This week, the group members turned up at The Voice’s Gaborone offices to talk about their second offering, ‘Ga be e bone’, which will feature South Africa’s man of the moment Bekezela and is set to hit the airwaves next week.

Fame has come suddenly for the group’s young members and they are notably shy and reserved during our interview. It is a stark contrast to the energy and confidence that typifies their live performances; I guess they are more comfortable behind the mic and are yet to adapt to their new-found celebrity status.

The youngest in the group is just 18 years old – but their sound is as mature as the ancient indigenous tribe they are named after.

The supremely talented quintet consists of Mosimanegape Mosweu, 29, Thabang Rasefako, 22, Olerato Kennetseng, 20, Oratile Kofa, 18, and 24-year-old Nita Lempaletse.

Suffocate, who does the bulk of the talking during the interview, explains there is no lead singer in Khoisan, which he says was deliberate.

“This idea was birthed from a dream I had. I hosted auditions last year and the plan was just to have three singers but we ended up with five. They were raw and exciting and we knew we had gold from the moment we saw them!” starts Suffocate, the excitement tangible in his gleaming eyes.

“What is beautiful about them is that up until we connected them they had never met each other. They come with a unique sound; a sound that I am confident will be easy to export to the rest of the world,” he continues confidently.

Speaking on the likelihood of a full album, the music mogul replies instantly, “The album is more than ready. We are putting the final touches into the project but I don’t want to share the album release dates at the moment.

“I can tell you however that I am more than confident the album will sell out like fat cakes. Truth of the matter is Setswana music has garnered a lot of interest. It is the ‘in-thing’ now and these young singers I can tell you offer exactly that!”

For their part, one of the group members, Kennetseng told Voice Entertainment, “I can tell you none of us ever thought we would become what we are today.

“It always amazes just how much appreciation we receive once we get off stage. Thing is, when you are on stage it’s not often that you see the reaction on people’s faces – but we very much humbled by the support and the impact our music has made in less than two months.”

The group also received a standing ovation for their sizzling performance at last weekend’s event at the Bojanala Waterfront.