Khama's trip lands three DIS agents in hot soup

• DIS boss confirms desciplinary action

Three Directorate of Intelligence and Security Service (DIS) Officers who chose to accompany former President Ian Khama on his visit to the Dalai Lama in Tibet have been summoned and will face expulsion.

The officers (names known to this publication) were instructed by their employer not to accompany the former President who was invited by the Central Tibet Administration early this month to be the key note speaker at the 60th anniversary of the Tibet uprising hosted by the Dalai Lama.

Upon return the officers were summoned and slapped with disciplinary action, something which the former has not taken kindly to.

Khama has described this action as, “The latest onslaught on him in the unending tiff between two erstwhile comrades being the current President Mokgweetsi Masisi and himself.”

The Voice can further confirm that the trio face charges of defying instruction by the employer, something which Khama has condemned as unlawful.

“On the eve of my departure, the Botswana government frantically attempted to withdraw my security as the three bodyguards received telephone calls from the DIS offices telling them not to accompany me on that trip. The officers requested that an official communication be channeled through the office of the former President. None of the three were ever served with letters and continued with their daily responsibilities at their designated post,” said Khama in a telephone interview.


Khama further stressed that he is entitled to 24-hour security and that Government had no right to recall his security detail.

He also highlighted that he is entitled to four international trips per year and that there are no conditions attached to where one should or should not visit in the clause.

Khama further confirmed that he has sort to take Government to court to reimburse him for his international trip.

“I have decided to take them (Government) to court so I can get my reimbursement for the trip. I am entitled to that trip as a former head of state. What they did is unlawful,” Khama statement.

Reached for comment, the DISS boss Peter Magosi confirmed the action on the three men.

“Yes we are dealing with such a matter but I cannot tell you beyond that as you know some issues are of national security. The former President as a man with a discipline background should have told you that there are certain things that Government employees are liable to action if they do not abide by, ” Magosi said curtly.