Khama's concern

Former President fears BDP could lose 2019 elections

Former President Ian Khama fears the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) could lose next year’s general elections.

In an explosive revelation during an exclusive interview with The Voice this week, it appears the 65-year-old is fast losing confidence in the party his father helped found.

“We are not in a good position right now,” admitted Khama, when asked whether he was confident of a BDP victory in 2019.

“If you ask me that question, maybe in a few months, I will be able to give you a definitive answer. All I can say for now is that it is not as obvious as it should be. Where we are as party, we should be in a better place,” continued the former head of state, who ruefully noted that cracks were starting to appear in the ruling party, which has emerged triumphant in all 11 of Botswana’s general elections to date.

“If you look at the last by-elections we have been losing, losing wards that belong to us. It is worrying! Also, one is starting to see division within and with Bulela Ditswe coming up, I honestly don’t know how it will pen out and how those who lose would take it.”

Indeed Khama, who led the BDP to victory in 2009 and 2014, believes Bulela Ditswe (BDP primary elections) are the cause of much of the party’s problems.

He revealed the party has had to deal with those that feel aggrieved after losing primary elections, many of whom eventually either turn into ‘mekoko’ or lure voters to the opposition.

The party is expected to run their final Bulela Ditswe next weekend.

In a startlingly frank admission for someone famous for his reluctance to talk to the media, Khama further revealed his support for the BDP could ‘be affected’ if they introduce policies he does not believe in.

“In the constitution of the BDP you belong to a party if you support its programmes and policies. I just hope there never comes a time they start introducing programmes and policies that I cannot support as a member of the party, which would then affect my support for the party,” concluded Khama with the fierce conviction of a former soldier.

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” it is like that 94 year old thief/murderer telling the world that he founded the party ???” Ina democratic society parties do not rule until eternity ” these african leaders live on another planet not the planet called “Earth”