WORRIED: Nasha addressing a UDC rally

Former National Assembly speaker, Dr Margaret Nasha says that President Ian Khama may seek a third term in office by way of the new dispensation of direct election.

Speaking at yesterday’s packed Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) rally in Tlokweng, Nasha revealed that parliament was due to discuss and debate about direct election of the president which- she said, is “a little too convenient”.

“Parliament is about to discuss the issue, I tell you they will pass the motion and tell the Attorney General to write it down as a new law. Come 2019, he (Khama) will come and say it’s a new dispensation and he will stand for presidency. He will call all of his relatives from England to come vote for him, I can bet on this,” she said.

Nasha also announced that the UDC will soon launch in Serowe and was confident that they will win the numbers.

She also encouraged Batlokwa to vote against the BDP candidate Elijah Katse because even the BDP had at one point ‘abandoned’ him.

“Why have they not set a date yet, they have not because they are afraid of us, they are not ready for us. This is why we believe such decisions should be left to the IEC office and not to an interested party,” she said.

The Electronic Voting Machine is expected to be launched in Tlokweng this Wednesday at the Tlokweng main Kgotla

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