President Ian Khama Seretse Khama says the current power crisis is to contribute towards the loss of his popularity.

Addressing a BDP rally over the weekend in Jwaneng, Khama commented on The Voice opinion poll which showed his popularity at an all-time low.

He said, “I hear there is a newspaper that reports that my popularity has gone down.

Kitso do you see what you have done? You are the one who caused this.”

Kitso Mokaila is the Minister of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources who has been grappling with acute shortage of power problems in the past few weeks.

The opinion poll had showed President Khama as the least popular of the three party presidents with only 21% of the poll participants voting for him.

When he took to the podium, Minister Mokaila placed the blame on a company that was engaged to construct Morupule B power station.

The beleaguered Minister then went on to express disappointment that opposition parties were rejoicing at the crisis and using the unfortunate situation to score political brownie points.


“Opposition parties are very happy that we are currently facing power issues and they are using that to score points and de-campaign BDP.

I wonder what kind of people they are. I don’t think they care about you because if they did, they wouldn’t be celebrating when you go through this tough stage.

I must however assure you that we are working round the clock to fix the matter and soon everything will be back to normal,” Mokaila said.

At the same mammoth rally which was held to welcome the mayor of Jwaneng into the BDP following his defection from the BNF, Khama went on to label BCP leaders “ A bunch of cowards”

“You all can see that BCP is led by cowards went running to Labour Party in UK to seek funds and strategies to unseat Domkrag.

Is that not a clear sign of cowardice?

The funny thing is that they seek help from losers. Labour Party is an opposition party and has lost so many elections.

This is more like the blind leading the blind.”

The president further claimed that the BCP was a party divided between those who preferred James Olesitse and those for Dumelang Saleshando.

“There is no democracy in that party and I hear that the likes of Rammidi and Gobotswang do not want to be led by Saleshando.

Let’s wait and see how this will pan out.

I know Rammidi very well and soon he will be stirring trouble within that party,” said Khama.


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