Khama, UDC, solidify plan to topple BDP

*Khama targets to field 15 independent MPs *Moots the idea of govt of national unity

Former President Ian Khama is expected to resign from the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) on Saturday in order to freely execute plans to topple the BDP in cahoots with Umbrella for Democratic Change, (UDC), The Voice can reveal.

As the paramount chief of Gammangwato, last week Khama made an announcement on his Facebook page calling his tribe’s men and women to a meeting to discuss his future role in politics and in particular the BDP, his service to the people of Gammangwato and Batswana as a whole.

The meeting, which is expected to attract multitudes of Khama’s followers from the central district and the northern part of the country, will be held at Serowe Showgrounds.

According to a councillor, who preferred not to be named for fear of victimisation, the mood between the ruling party’s factions has been tense since the Kang presidential elections that were won by President Masisi.

Painting a picture of paranoia and mistrust that has come to define the BDP recently, the councillor said, “I want to attend the meeting, it is held right at my doorstep but I am afraid leadership might suspend me if I did. We are in trouble. I can’t wait for the general elections to come and go so we can be free to express ourselves. We are very careful even in our private conversations because anything we say might be used against us.”

The councillor further revealed that there has been anger simmering in the village among ordinary citizens over allegations that the current BDP leadership was working around the clock to destroy the Khama legacy.

“We are afraid that for the first time BDP might lose Serowe South constituency to the opposition because Lesedi Phuthego who was favoured and propped up by leadership to win primary elections is on Masisi’s faction and morafe will not vote for anybody who is not in support of their Kgosikgolo.”

Another source, a suspended and disgruntled BDP member close to Khama, stated that the plan for the New Jerusalem faction which was vanquished in Kang by Cava was for Khama to resign from BDP. According to the source, Khama will then campaign for dissatisfied BDP MPs in the central district constituency who will opt to run as independent candidates in the October general elections.

“We are targeting only 15 constituencies in the central district and the entire north. The plan is to work with the UDC, for Khama to unleash his magic in support of opposition candidates in their strongholds and for the opposition to back off where our independent candidates are strong like in Serowe and surrounding areas. We are hoping AP will also win at least 15 constituencies so that in the end we can topple the oppressive BDP and form a government of national unity,” he said.

When contacted for a comment, UDC Spokesperson Moeti Mohwasa however said he was not aware of the plan.

Asked if they would be willing to work with Khama to unseat Masisi, Mohwasa said he did not want to speculate on the matter.

“The best person to respond to that would Khama as he is the one who is privy to the agenda of his meeting,” Mohwasa said.

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