Khama is 'My hero'

One of the country’s most respected young authors, Percy Madikwe has released a book based on the life of President Ian Khama.

At the age of 36, Madikwe has already established himself as a literary power of note in Botswana.

His latest effort, ‘My Hero’, which he co-wrote with Lovemore Manyuwa, is his sixth book to be published – it is also arguably his best.

The duo have been writing government educational material for more than a decade, with their books endorsed by the Ministry of Education and adopted into the Primary School reading syllabus.

Speaking at the launch of ‘My Hero’, which was held at Mmokolodi Education Centre on Saturday, Madikwe explained all funds raised from the book would go towards the construction of a children’s Arts and Culture Park.

Giving a brief summary of the Khama-inspired book, which the President himself has reviewed and approved, the young author said, “‘My Hero’ is not just a book but a demonstration of the good deeds of a leader who has a compassionate heart and has contributed extremely well to the growth of the country.”

The book portrays Khama’s love for children as well as delving into the former army general’s military background.

Madikwe hopes his work will inspire the youth to emulate Khama and strive to become leaders.

“I believe without any doubt that this educational material is a key tool to use in developing the next generation of leaders, especially young people.”

The theme represents a slight shift in direction for the ‘Leisong’ author, whose previous books have focused on issues such as HIV/AIDS, crime, poverty and teenage pregnancy.

The text is aimed towards Standard 3 pupils aged eight and over.

However, the Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Basic Education, Simon Coles believes ‘My Hero’ may prove too complicated for such a young age group.

“The book is a review of the President’s life, which will motivate and encourage the children to aim higher – though I think the book might be complex for Standard 3 because of the language, we may slot it for Standard 6 pupils,” he said.

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