Khama is a divisive character- Mogae

Ian is nothing like his father

•He instructed Masisi to appoint TK as VP

He is not a unifier.

Former President Festus Mogae has come out guns blazing to lambast his successor Ian Khama for being a divisive character and a disappointment.

Speaking in an exclusive interview at his offices at Phakalane Golf Estate on Monday, the retired statesman who seemed exasperated by the protracted standoff between President Masisi and Ian Khama over Khama’s demand for an aircraft as his major means of transport, Mogae painted a picture of Khama as a strong headed, manipulative and divisive character who throws tantrums if he doesn’t get his way.

“Ian is nothing like his father, he is a disappointment, a man who has turned the nation against each other and is not a unifier. His father was a symbol of unity; I thought he would somehow be like him. It turns out he is not like his father at all,” Mogae said.

Ian Khama is the second born child of the founding president, Sir Seretse Khama and former commander of the Botswana Defence Force (BDF)

Mogae who has over the years become the biggest critic of Khama whom he had handpicked from the army barracks ahead of many capable staunch democrats to be his VP went on to express his regret and disappointment in his chosen man.

“I appointed President Khama because there were two factions at the time with Bahiti Temane, Mompati Merafhe, David magang, and Chapson Butale on one side and those were strong characters and the other had Daniel ‘DK’ Kwelagobe and Ponatshego Kedikilwe.
DK was a powerhouse in himself. If I had appointed someone from either, both factions would have perceived I was supporting the opposing faction and favoured the other and that is what I tried to avoid because I respected both factions because they both had capable men who could have been president. I appointed Ian because he was appealing to both factions. And now I regret appointing him. Khama did the opposite of what I had hoped he would do,” Mogae further noted, adding that what Khama is doing now to President Masisi, he had attempted to do before to him.


“Because I confided in him, he knew I was in a state and so he made all sorts of unreasonable demands, but I couldn’t dismiss him because that would have only exacerbated the problem. He immediately wanted leave of absence, which was ridiculous but I granted him. He himself came to say he was willing to come back to work, which he did. I did not go ask him to come back.”

According to Mogae, Khama then went on to do all sorts of irregular things against the presidency, “ But I ignored him and concentrated on ruling. What he is doing to Masisi is what he did to me, which is being a divisive factor.”

In another shocking revelation, as the BDP nears its elective congress expected to be held in Tonota in July, Mogae let it known that the Khama camp had directed Masisi back at the last elective congress back in July 2017 to bind himself in appointing Khama’s younger brother, Tshekedi ‘TK’ Khama to become his Vice President.

The Khama camp, Mogae revealed had written Masisi’s acceptance speech at the Tonota congress and part of that speech included a statement where Masisi had to bind himself to appointing TK as his Vice, which, Masisi deliberately skipped over and did not read, causing a strain in the two men’s relations.

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