FAREWELL: Khama addressing Broadhurst residents

Outgoing President, Lieutenant General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama has assured artist, Tshepiso ‘Kast’ Molapisi, that he will help make his 2000km walk awareness campaign a success.

When addressing Broadhurst residents this morning Khama told Kast that he was willing to help the artist realize his goal of getting an arts council established.

“I hear you intend on walking 2000KM to raise awareness and get government to form an arts council. As patron of the arts myself I can fully assure you that my doors are open and will assist you with your cause,” he said.

A grateful Kast told The Voice on the sidelines of the event that he was hopeful that Khama’s endorsement will make his campaign much easier. “It is definitely a head way because to have him endorse an idea and a thought will open many doors for the campaign,” Kast said.

Last year Kast defied the odds as he took a 1000km journey by foot from Maun to Gaborone in a bid to raise awareness and create a hype around his 100% local line up, Tlatsa Lebala music festival.

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