Khama denies P30m demand claims from BDP

If there are funds, they belong to the party not him-Dada

Former President Ian Khama has refuted allegations that he has demanded back P30 million that he had received as donations to the party and handed over to the treasurer last year.

Asked to deny or confirm the allegations following a claim by an inside source that Khama had made the announcement at a New Jerusalem faction meeting recently, Khama said, “I never contributed anything to the BDP that I can claim back.”

Meanwhile the inside source was adamant that the New Jerusalem Godfather had dropped the shocker during a closed meeting recently.

“He said he was going to write to the BDP Treasurer Satar Dada to demand the money back.

The Voice can reveal that sometime last year when Khama was still the president he travelled overseas to fundraise for the ruling party.

“He came back with USD 3m and the funds were to be used towards 2019 general elections campaigns. However he has now attached a clause to the original agreement to say that the money can only be used if he is made the campaign chairman for the party or if Venson -Moitoi wins the presidential race against Masisi,” the source further explained.

Asked to comment on Khama’s demands, Dada at first categorically stated that the money was donated to the party during a fundraising mission and not to Khama as an individual. He however quickly changed his tune and said, “If there is money then it belongs to the party and not any individual.”

The new Chairman of Communications and International Relations Sub Committee, Banks Kentse said so far no formal demand for money has been put forward to them.

“BDP officials such as the president, treasurer or Secretary General can ask or receive donations on behalf of the party. They do so not in their personal capacities but as office bearers. When they do so, there are no conditions to such donations and nothing is expected in return.”

Kentse said adding that that if anyone of such officials vacates such an office due to resignation or term expiring, all the donations remain in the party coffers and no one can claim them at a personal level.

“It’s because the donations were requested by an office not an individual,” he noted.

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