Khama, Boko, Kgosi face off over threat to kill
AT COURT: Boko, Monamo and Moshoke

I am not your witness- Boko

The Extension II magistrate court was this morning crammed to capacity when presiding Magistrate Batho Kgerethwa heard a fresh matter of a threat to kill charge laid by Director General of the ‘infamous’ Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DISS) Isaac Kgosi against Leader Of Opposition (LOO) Duma Boko’s associate , Elliot Moshoke.

Moshoke is charged with a single count of threat to kill.

The charge sheet reads “on 28 April 2014 near Extension II without lawfull excuse caused Isaac Kgosi to indirectly receive a threat to his life in that he uttered the following words, “I personally send a warning that should anything happen to Boko there will be a blood bath among the families if the responsible people.”

This security breach comes days after our intelligence revealed that DIS is plotting to assassinate cde Boko and should that happen, we will take out Serowe and its royal family from the world map.

President Ian Khama and Isaac Kgosi must be warned that Boko is not Kalafatis.

I will personally ensure that not only do they suffer consequences but even their entire families’ or words to that effect.”

This morning in court it was revealed that in the case the state, represented by state prosecutor Priscilla Israel, has about 9 witnesses expected to be called to the stand, including Boko as the latest witness on the list.

Khama, Boko, Kgosi face off over threat to kill
LAWYER (Left): Israel

For their part Aobakwe Monamo, representing the well suited Moshoke, said that they intended to prove to court that the words allegedly uttered by Moshoke were not ‘threats’ but rather a warning to the parties.

He argued that the statement does not disclose any offence.

‘We will be arguing about the difference between a warning and a threat. We also want to find out if Kgosi is part of the royal family and that we will wish to obtain a statement from President Khama himself,” he said.

For her part Israel clarified that the case was between Moshoke and Kgosi, and that it has nothing to do with Khama.

Khama, Boko, Kgosi face off over threat to kill
DISCUSSING: Moshoke and Monamo

“The threat was directed to Kgosi and not president Khama. I do not understand what the defense is trying to say, what it is trying to put across.”

The case continues for argument on March 8.

The matter emanates from 2014 when news headlines were rife that there was a plot to assassinate Boko.

Then reports further claimed that Boko had received intelligence about his alleged assassination and went on to elude them by not sleeping at his Tlokweng home where there happened to be a ‘break-in’ on the particular night of the planned assassination.

Only appearing fashionably late at the court hearing this morning, Boko, dressed in an all blue suit was to later cause havoc at the entrance of the court.

Boko had not so nice words to say to prosecutor Israel causing quite a stir outside the court with the state threatening to apply for a fresh matter against Boko.



Boko: I am not your witness, you are crazy.

Boko : I am not giving you any statements. What you guys are doing is foolish

Israel: stop it stop it

Israel: I do not like it, why are you talking to me like that; I do not like it please

Boko: you are crazy, la tsenwa.

Israel: Ke kgona go go suputsa hela gone jaana, ha go tshamekelwe mogo nna. Kgalemela batho bagago

Israel: You must behave, You must be professional. Kea betsa nna.

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