FILE PIC: Khama and allies have not apologised to Tawana

Former President, Ian Khama and his allies, will not be invited to Kgosi Tawana Moremi’s birthday celebrations following the infamous verbal onslaught against the BaTawana royal at a political rally in Maun five years ago.

Spokesperson for Kgosi Moremi’s regiment, Matsaakgang, Douglas Mokenane, confirmed in an interview early today (Tuesday) that Batawana have not forgiven Khama for insulting their Kgosi and “tribe”.

“Our Kgosi was insulted and by extension our morafe (tribe) was insulted. Our Kgosi is the face of our morafe and we have waited in vain for Bangwato to show remorse, but they never did,” Mokenane explained.

Just before the 2014 general elections, Khama who was state president, addressed rallies in Maun’s two constituencies, Maun East and West.

Together with his entourage that included the then national campaign manager for Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), Alec Seametso, Khama launched a political onslaught against Kgosi Moremi, who was running for parliamentary seat under an opposition party ticket.

Khama and his team was quoted saying he was helping in taking care of Moremi’s children and depicted him as an irresponsible leader who had failed both in family and business fronts. Moremi’s ex wife, was paraded at both political rallies.

Although Moremi went on to win the Maun West constituency, his regiment is nowhere closer to letting the lying dogs be.

“He never apologised and neither have the Bangwato royalty. We had expected a delegation from Bangwato to visit and intervene in this matter, but they never did,” concluded Mokenane.

Many other royalties have been invited to Moremi’s 50th birthday celebration that has been scheduled for October 5th.

“We are observing protocol. It is likely that the current state president will attend. We are inviting those who have relations with Kgosi Moremi. It is his birthday, not ours. Matsaakgang are only organising and coordinating the celebrations,” Mokenane explained.

NOT AMUSED: Mokenane