FACE TO FACE: Kgosi and Moshoke

Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DISS), Isaac Kgosi, is tomorrow expected to square up in court with Opposition leader, Duma Boko’s self styled body guard, Elliot Moshoke, over a threat to kill allegation.

A highly placed source at a law firm representing Moshoke confirmed to The Voice Newspaper on Monday that the case is expected to be heard at the Extension 2 Magistrate court on Thursday.

“The case dates back in the day. It’s basically nothing really; I feel Kgosi has no case here. He filed for an arraignment for the chap and that is basically what will be argued in court,” said the source.

The matter emanates from 2014 when news headlines were rife that there was a plot to assassinate Boko.

Reports further claimed that Boko had received intelligence about his alleged assassination and went on to elude them by not sleeping at his Tlokweng home where there happened to be a ‘break-in’ on the particular night of the planned assassination.

This incident was followed by subsequent reports that one of Boko’s associates, Elliot Moshoke had not only accused the DISS boss of being part of the alleged attempt to kill Boko, but had gone on to utter a threat to kill the spy chief in defence of the BNF president.

“We will not allow the BDP led government to do to Boko what they did to the Kalafatis family…President Ian Khama and Isaac Kgosi must be warned that Boko is not Kalafatis. I will personally ensure that not only do they suffer consequences but even their entire families,” Read a newspaper quote, which Kgosi had interpreted to mean Moshoke had wanted to kill him.

This week, Kgosi filed a fresh matter for threat to kill by Boko’s associate.

Efforts to reach Kgosi were futile at the time of going to press while Moshoke referred The Voice Newspaper to his lawyers.