Kgosi dijeje billed for maitisong
READY: Letsatsi Dance Theatre

Letsatsi Dance Theatre of Botswana will be showcasing a theatre production titled “Kgosi Dijeje”.

The performance tells a story about pre-colonial Botswana’s interaction with the Europeans who introduced the chiefs and their people to money, trade and weapons which led to the corruption of chiefs and erosion of tradition.

The African Theatrical Musical Comedy will be held on the 28th and 30th of July 2016 at Maitisong.

According to the show organisers, they are also bringing another authentic African story to the stage with a group of extremely talented Batswana actors and musicians.

“Kgosi Dijeje is a story originally from Francophone Africa and is a take on Bernard Dadie’s play‘Monsieur Thôgô-Gnini’. The story has a commonality which resonates throughout Africa as it deals with colonial themes and situations. For Kgosi Dijeje we chose to focus on the dynamics and humour that one often finds when different cultures meet and sometimes clash. The production is to form part of the BOT 50 celebratory events put on by the University of Botswana,powered eventually by the UB Foundation,” revealed Austin de Drouillard who is director.

“The plan, still to be confirmed, is for the piece to be staged in various other small towns and villages over the next few months up to August. In the meantime, in order to groom a specific population, such as school and university students, UB- French Club & Letsatsi Dance Theatre of Botswana, will showcase two (2) new performances on the 28th and 30thJuly.”

The cast of Kgosi Dijeje features 35 youth, UB students and outside artists, who are trained and mentored by a team comprising of Austin de Drouillard and Joe Matome who plays the lead role of Kgosi Dijeje.

Following a programme of structured rehearsals over 12 months, the group of young actors have been grown into a functioning unit that seamlessly blends contemporary African dance techniques with theatre.

He said UB-French Club and Letsatsi Dance Theatre’s productions are inspired by both the present as well as the past to produce vibrant new dance forms, adding that music and dance have always been important components of Letsatsi Dance Theatre productions.

“We will be continuing the trend in Kgosi Dijeje, and this time, we will incorporate traditional instruments like the Segaba and Setinkane being played live by local musicians. The public can look forward to a vibrant performance featuring song, dance and music that reveals its authentic African spirit,” Austin de Drouillard concluded.

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