Kgoboko accused of lying on radio

BDP candidate was not part of award winning school project

BDP Parliamentary candidate for Bobonong, Francisco Kgoboko has come under fire and called a liar after his recent radio interview in which he claimed to have been part of a school project that won a science competition in Lesotho.

Arguing the case for an electric car, which the BDP has touted as part of their job creation strategy, Kgoboko highlighted that Botswana had capable engineers and went on to state that in fact the expertise was readily available, considering that while at Matshekge Senior, he won an award during the third Regional Science and Mathematics Fair in 1994 under the Working Models category for making a Drink Slot Machine and inventing a school radio called Dorm1 radio.

Those remarks however backfired when he was called out for claiming credit for his former schoolmates success.

Slamming Kgoboko for lying to the public on radio for votes one of the two inventors of Dorm 1 Radio and the Drink Slot machine, Nonofo Kgaodi pointed out that Kgoboko was not part of their winning team.

“He was never part of our project and I wonder what could have motivated him to tell such blatant lies on radio. I worked with Daniel Legwaila on the project and we went on to become winners in a science competition that was held in Lesotho,” said Kgaodi, a consulting communications engineer.

However, unfazed the BDP’s parliamentary candidate said that the latest turn of events was a campaign tool by Botswana Congress Party’s members.

“I did not say I created the machine or the radio, what I said is that I was studying with men who are capable of inventing anything and gave an example of the stuff they did as students. I was simply summarizing when I said, “we.” he explained.

“I was trying to point out successful projects that we did and also emphasizing that an electric car was feasible and not a far fetched idea as some would like us to believe.” He further explained, adding that some people might have not understood him while some could be twisting his words for political gain.

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