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Yours truly had an important meeting with the beautiful boss lady Mma Kasale at her luxurious beautiful house at block five recently. A beautiful, small, portable house it is, beautiful house I tell you, beautiful. Now I know you must be wondering why I’m writing about the house akere (isn’t it)? Well believe it or not, the beautiful small, portable house taught me a lesson. An important lesson I tell you. And the lesson is, NOT ALL GREAT THINGS COME IN BIG PACKAGES!
You see a lot of people tend to want expensive things in life, my self included. But you see, most people like these big things but they can’t afford them. Come to think of it, some of our famous people right here in Botswana like living like superstars but just can’t afford to. Some move from where they’ve been staying to live in the suburbs like Phakalane to rent houses tsa P5000.00 while some get loans to buy the P600 000 00 houses with little or no furnisher inside just to please the outsiders. Basically it’s just a beautiful outside and a poor and ugly outside.
You see this is why we have people’s cars getting repossessed, expensive furnisher getting repossesed and people being thrown out of their houses. It’s all because people want to live the glamorous life and ”fit” in with today’s world. What a pity!
So I noticed that the younger generation is slowly but surely getting absorbed into the world of impressing others and not staying true to themselves. For instance the supposedly “Gaborone Guys” (I don’t know why they are called this but they are). Now these guys drive expensive cars but have no houses to call their own, don’t take care of their parents and most importantly and most shocking, all they have is an onion and water in their fridge!
Amazing stuff I tell you, amazing! And yah, most of these cars do end up getting repossesed. With the ladies, they wear expensive clothes, expensive shoes and have the best hair do’s but when life doesn’t allow for this. Ke mathata waitse, mathata (problems I tell you), ke raya fela.
Now young people, this isn’t a joke. This should teach you lesson, be true to yourselves and don’t please the public at your own expense. It’s not all about the high class, well, if you can afford it, then go for it. But if you can’t, don’t pressurize yourself and go through a lot of unnecessary stress and headache just to keep up.

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Its not all about class etc, if you look clearly you will see that sex is behind most of our motives. Human beings will do anything just for/get it

4ty 7even

Bana ba dikgaolo ke bone ba itirang bo Gaborone Guyz. I knw many of them who rili tryin to liv large. N galz watch out 4 these guyz, most of them r playerz. All they want is that u shud giv him a chance to go out with u. After givin him dat chance, o tla tlhola o leletse mo go rona bo 4ty 7even re na le basadi ba rona ba re ba ratang go ka ba tsietsa.