MARRIED WITH KIDS: Heidi Klum still keeps up to date

I had an interesting talk with my friend the other day. While we were changing classes, we talked about a lady that we both knew very well. A very HOT lady I must say, well, used to be hot that is before she just stopped taking good care of herself, not because of the recession but because of reasons only known to her. On second thoughts maybe it was because she got herself a good looking man, got married and had 2 kids. I mean that’s the most common reason that ladies stop keeping up to date right? You just stop because now you’ve got it!!
Well, unfortunately for this lady, the husband got another lady, about the same age as her, equally beautiful or maybe even less pretty than her. So yah, one could ask herself why the man left the wife if not for an upgrade?

When most men leave their wives they go for younger, prettier ladies but this man settled for the same if not less. This is what I think, I think this man left the wife because the wife just did not care anymore, o ne a itatlhelela fela, a sena tsapa le mo fisang pelo. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that this man left his wife because she wasn’t dressing up or applying makeup anymore, nor am I saying that this man got married to this lady just because of her looks.
I do understand that after two kids, keeping pretty is the least of a woman’s worries but hey, a little effort won’t hurt. One other thing is that your kids also want you to be looking beautiful and all, they don’t want embarrassments. I mean when I’m with my mom in public places, she knows that she has to make an effort to look good.

Though we might not admit it we do know that when a man approaches a lady, it will be because of what he sees on the outside, they see the outer beauty first then they move on to the inner beauty later. Well, most of the times that is.
I mean when a guy sees you or passes you for the first time, he looks back at you if he thinks you are pretty, ke gore ba nngokiwa ke bontle ba a bo ba go baya leitlho la bobedi. Then if they like what’s in the inside, they will carry on with you. So basically what I am saying is that when a man marries you, he’s not saying that don’t take good care of yourself anymore, he is just saying that he wants to see your good looking self-every day and of course to make sure that he and only he, enjoys your beauty.

Now when you just let go and stop looking good, well your boyfriend kind of loses interest in your beauty.  Remember it’s not only in a marriage my people, even us, young people, you need to look good for your guy once in a while. This will make your relationship exciting and hopefully last longer so yah, take note girls. I mean every guy, believe it or not wants people to look and envy his gal when he’s walking with her.

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thanx 4 da advice but don’t 4get dat bo Heidi gut bucks n our batswana guys ba na le melaonyana ya setswana wear dis,do dis walk lyk this ke mathata fela mothoo