If one was to ask a room full of people who Kast is (all pun intended), one is more often than not likely to get a myriad of different answers.

The point however, is that regardless of the extent that Kast polarizes opinion, not many can claim not to know him.

Not the one to shy away from publicity, the past fortnight however has seen the local musician almost dominate the social media and entertainment worlds.

From his up and coming fund raising walk from Maun to his war of words with South African hip- hop heavyweight Casper Nyovest, Kast has made headlines of recent.

Voice journalist – Tumisang Tlhabiwe probes his mind.

Q.Let’s get right into it. Can you tell us more about your upcoming walk?

The walk was motivated by the fact that after getting confirmation from the BNSC (Botswana National Sports Council) it came with a letter that we are supposed to pay a total of P200, 000 [national stadium usage charge] which was P150, 000 for the facility and P50, 000 for the security deposit.

Q. Wasn’t the initial agreement for the first Tlatsa Lebala event free?

Previously, the Ministry had given us a similar letter to the effect that we should get the venue for free and only pay for the turf cover which is P50, 000 and security deposit which is another P50, 000 which made it easier to secure the facility.

But this time around, the communication that came from the Ministry (which was verbal) was that they did not have the authority to give us the venue.

I then went back to the sports commission and they insisted I pay the full amount.

Q. So besides raising money for the Tlatsa Lebala event, what else is the walk supposed to achieve?

As a social activist under the Kast Foundation, I see this as an opportunity to also sell the campaign to the whole country.

So as I am walking, when I get to major towns and villages, I want to be able to interact and engage with your Kgosi’s, councillors, district commissioners, young business people and young artists about the arts sector as an alternative to conventional jobs and an avenue for job creation.

Hopefully it will get to the point where the industry can contribute to GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

Q. There are a lot of rumours that you’ll be performing at various venues along the route, can you confirm this?

In terms of performances we are still working out logistics for the walk – in terms of how long I’ll be walking per day and where I’ll be on a particular day.

There’s been interest from promoters who have said for example, when I am in Palapye I should have a show but the thing is I don’t know if I’ll be in Palapye on a Wednesday or a Saturday. We are still working out the logistics so I can’t confirm or deny performances.

Q.How long do you forecast the walk to take?

I estimate about 26 days.

Q. Have you undertaken any training regime to prepare for this walk?

No not yet. The plan however, was to do some conditioning before the walk.

Q Have you had any pledges or endorsements for the walk?

Yes, a company called Re a vaya has pledged a thousand bucks at five different stops.

There’s also a guy called Tshepo Nthoiwa who has pledged the entire production – sound, stage, lighting, special effects and screens.

Another big pledge came from Casper’s manager but I’ll believe that when it happens.

Q. Lol, what did he pledge?

He’s pledged P200, 000 for Tlatsa Lebala on two different radio stations.

Initially I thought it was just a PR stunt or damage control for the incident that happened.

We will have to wait to see if this is true.

Q. Talking about Casper Nyovest, were you taken aback by his recent comments on Twitter?

Dude, I’m strange in the sense that I’ve been doing this for so long that nothing shocks me.

But I understand why some people were mad.

I’ve seen people go on social media and say “but what’s wrong if Casper doesn’t know him?” But I guess these people don’t understand that Casper’s hustle actually started in Gabz.

He was a Mafikeng boy who tried to make it and he was always here at UB (University of Botswana) trying to hustle shows so he’s very aware of who is Scar, Kast and so on.

He made it and he blew and went to Jozi, which is fine and got amnesia all of a sudden.

Q. Do you think the tweet was provoked by your comments?

I think the article he saw, to him came across as a jab. I honestly didn’t put it that way.

It was sensationalized.

The way I put it was that he did approach me for Tlatsa Lebala but because I wanted it to be a 100% local lineup, I politely declined and actually went a step further to ask them to endorse the event.

The feedback I got was he couldn’t endorse something he’s not a part of. From then on I sensed some bad blood.

Q. How do you feel about Batswana’s reaction to the tweet?

I feel like he [Casper] was comfortable doing that [tweeting] because they feel like Batswana like them more than they like their own artists.

So I feel like that’s why he thought he would get away with it.

As soon as I saw it, I knew there was going to be sh**t storm.

I was like this guy has no idea what he just did because sometimes Batswana are not loyal but there are times when they all unite as one.

Q. Have you been in contact with Casper?

No, not directly but I have been in touch with his manager on radio.

Q. Can you confirm that you HAVE however met Casper in the past?

Yes I have, in passing.

At the time he was just this kid who sometimes came with Jabba, Thaso and the likes.

But besides that this dude has been tagged in my stuff since 2015.

You can’t then claim not to know me or what I do.

Q Since the last postponed event, a lot of people have claimed they never got reimbursed.

Is this true?

People have long been reimbursed. The only people that have not been reimbursed are the people who didn’t want to get reimbursed.

But this is what happened on social media; people would tag me demanding reimbursement and we would follow up on every single one.

We would take their name and inbox them and subsequently reimburse them.

There are currently only 26 people left who haven’t been reimbursed because their issues are not straightforward.

You find a situation where someone gives you a ticket number and they don’t know the point of sale.

Sometimes you find that the person is requesting reimbursement on a complimentary ticket and so these people have not been reimbursed.

Q. That makes sense. So any new songs or album in the pipe works?

I would rather not discuss that, as I want to completely focus on Tlatsa Lebala and the walk.

Let’s not take attention away from those.

Ah I see.

Thank you for your time and good luck with your upcoming endeavours.

Pleasure and thank you.

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