Kast vs Dj tips beef
Thapelo Olopeng

Last week we all watched the bitter exchange of words between local rapper Kastalion and Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Thapelo Olopeng with the two camps accusing each other of sabotage. The minister accused Kast of being a cry baby even saying Kast made a profit of P 2 million from his intial MYSC sponsored gig.

Kast then responded by calling out Olopeng as a bully who is fronting with certain companies for tenders.

Kast vs Dj tips beef

Whilst the gloves were off ,Shaya heard a little birdie actually confirm Kast’s allegations about the minister and his alleged tenders.

Shaya wants the minister not tun away from all the allegations Kast made against him and prove that he is indeed not associated with the sound and events company Kast has accused him of being part of. Meanwhile Shaya believes should also grow up and stop behaving like a spoilt brat.

Shaya wishes you well Mr. 2000 Km walk! #TlatsaLebala

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