There is a new local song which I think is called My Kasi girl. The song is about a guy who loves his Kasi girl, at the end of the song the artist makes a shout out to all the Kasi girls.
I was listening to one of our local radio stations a few weeks back and one of the presenters asked a question that I want to ask you:Do you prefer a Kasi Boyfriend/Girlfriend or a Town, Cheese Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

I asked a couple of girls and guys and of course as expected their preferences varied. Some said they loved Kasi people while a majority of them said they preferred those from the towns.

Now here is the interesting part, most of the guys said they wanted Kasi girls because they are less expensive while most of the ladies preferred Cheese boys because they are modern therefore “they know how to treat a lady and of course they know they have to buy the ladies gifts and spoil them”.
It’s quite clear that guys do not want to pop out money while the ladies want the guys to pop it all out. Borre ba re basadi ba toropo ba ba toba so that’s why they prefer basadi ba lekeishane.

If you ask me the Kasi boy takes the trophy because these guys are as real as they come. They tell it like it is and they sure speak their mind. These guys will not lie to a girl just to make her feel good about herself.
If you, the girlfriend, is not looking your best, you’ve got on an ugly outfit or your hair is messed up, be sure that your Kasi boyfriend will tell you exactly how he feel. So with these guys, you are sure to look your best because they give you the best opinion.

I know most people say that Kasi boys ga ba betshe (do not spoil ladies) but the truth of the matter is, they actually do. Unless you are a gold digger you will not get satisfied because you want more.
So whether you have a town guy or a Kasi guy, it will always be the same story for you.

It’s a different story for a genuine girl though, you will appreciate what the guy gets you because tota ene o tla bo a betsha, considerably. And believe you me, I have heard that these guys will love and respect you, for as long as you respect yourself and of course respect them.

One more advantage is that these guys will protect you and they will definitely fight for you. Ga se magwala (they are not cowards) so they won’t run off when you get attacked in the middle of the night or call the police, they’ll sort those attackers and then call the police after.

Well, with the Town Cheese Boy, it’s another story…. Lets just say I think they are just the total opposite of the Kasi Boys, which I think is er… not on. What about you, what do you prefer?

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i will go for a kasi boy..they understand life botoka


nna i think most of the time motho o ya ha pelo yagwe e rating teng,either sh/he frm kasi or town…ha e ratile tota e ratile!


love has no boundaries so if u realy love someone it doesn’t matter gore batswa kae,bt i prefer kasi angels.

4ty 7even

Ke ipotsa gore ka gore gatwe re a lekalekana, ke eng bomme ba batla e nna rona ba re ntshang madi. Its lyk they r cofused, they want to follow our culture n then combine it with the western one. We all knw very well that in our culture a man is the provider and the protector while Women take care of the household nd children. Jaanong potso ke gore, y do ladies like men who play their role? Ga o le Rre yo o apelang lapa la gago o thokomela bana o ratiwa le go feta. Do u thnk… Read more »


Kasi love works way more dan cheese boy lav n z a fact ba2n