SHAKAWE LAUNCH: Kapinga's launch went ahead in Shakawe without Boko

Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) leader, Duma Boko did not show up in Shakawe yesterday, where he was to launch his party’s parliamentary candidate, Kenny Kapinga.

Kapinga says Boko did not make it due to transportation delays by Botswana government.

According to Kapinga, the authorities delayed issuing Boko permit to fly and he could not make it on time for the launch.

“Choppers cannot fly at night. By the time they issued him permission to fly, it was late,” Kapinga pointed out.

Kapinga was launched by the party’s veteran, Vain Mamela amidst confusion of Boko’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile Kapinga has denied allegations that he had refused to allow Boko to jointly launch him with former state president, Ian Khama.

“That is false information. We never had such a discussion” Kapinga explained.

Yesterday, Khama, who was in Maun, ‘did not show up’ at a cultural event which he was invited as a guest speaker.

This according to one of the organizers, Jeremiah Bafedile, was because Maun community was not there to welcome him.

After waiting for hours at a local lodge for the audience to gather at Maun beach garden, Khama left for the airport around noon, as he said he had another important meeting in the afternoon.

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