Kanaimba-Senai retires
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Draws curtain on 10 year service at Debswana

Debswana Head of Corporate Affairs, Esther Kanaimba-Senai is set to retire from the diamond mining company after an illustrious 10 years in the industry.

Having trained formally as a Radio Journalist, the soon to be former Head of Corporate Affairs, who trained at the Tanzania School of Journalism, also holds a qualification from the Carleton University School of Journalism in Ottawa, Canada.

She had travelled to Canada as a Commonwealth Scholar and it is where she completed her Master of Journalism degree.

“I was always an in-service student which was quite easy back then,” she tells The Voice Business in an interview.

Speaking onher looming retirement, Kanaimba-Senai said she is not lost to the industry and will remain active through consultancy work.

“I will first take it easy to soak in the reality and then I will work on a couple of projects,” said the woman who has an extensive portfolio spanning 40 years in the public service, private sector, parastatals and inter-governmental organizations, hinting that there will always be something to work on.

The former Radio Botswana (RB1) employee explains that she rose through the ranks of journalism before becoming the sharpest knife in the drawer at Debswana.

She shares that in the early years of her career at RB1, she attended a basic radio production course at the BBC World Service Training Centre in London in 1978.

“I rose through the ranks until I became Assistant Director, News and Current Affairs; I was responsible for the production of news and all current affairs programmes.”

Also, pioneer of Radio Botswana (RB2), Kanaimba-Senai was the station’s inaugural Assistant Director.

She was to later leave the public service and join the Botswana National Productivity Centre (BNPC) as a Promotions Manager, then moved on to the Secretariat of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) as the Head of Public Relations.

“My next stop was the then Botswana Export Development and Investment Agency (BEDIA) from where I moved to my current job,” she said.

Speaking on changes in the field of communications, she said; “The biggest change in the field of communication is in the digital and social media space. Communication is now instantaneous and it is the era of public journalism, i.e. news can be communicated by everyone, it is no longer the preserve of journalists.”

Looking back at her most proud moment in Debswana, Kanaimba-Senai nostalgically remembers the delivery of the 45th-anniversary commemoration amongst the many.

Debswana had partnered with the Botswana Embassy in Japan on a diamonds for development promotional tour.

“The event featured traditional dancers at the Botswana pavilion and also featured diamonds as well as a diamond gala dinner. It was a brilliantly executed project,” she said.

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