Kalakamati murder suspect evades arrest
WANTED: Ngwisiwa Dabutha


Five months ago, as the first rays of the morning sun breathed new life into another summer’s day in Kalakamati, 35-year-old Wabo Precious Malapeng was murdered.

Acting on a tip-off, Police officers rushed to Malapeng’s house, where they found her blood-drained body lying lifelessly in a pool of red, a gaping stab wound visible to her neck.

It was rumoured she was discovered with some of her body parts, including her genitalia, missing.

She was rushed to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

That was on the 28th of December 2017.

The man suspected of Malapeng’s murder, her 39-year-old lover Ngwisiwa Dabutha has not been seen since.

Despite the Police’s best efforts and a nationwide search, the Goshwe native has managed to evade arrest.

Speaking to The Voice this week, Officer Commanding NO.15 district, Kabo Badirwang, described Dabutha as ‘extremely dangerous’.

“We plead with the public to help us find this man because we have done everything possible on our side to find him.

“We published his picture and name in newspapers, broadcasted him on the national television program ‘Itshireletse’ and even went to the extent of going door to door but that was not a success,” revealed the frustrated top cop, who dismissed the notion that the deceased was found with some body parts missing.

“The post mortem results showed no such thing,” he verified.

Badirwang pleaded with anyone who might have a lead on the suspect’s whereabouts to contact Masunga Police Station on 2489304 or the toll free number, 999 or alternatively their nearest police station.

The Officer Commanding further grieved that murder was becoming an increasingly common occurrence in his district,

“Even though we are only half-way through the year, we have already recorded 10 murders in 2018, compared to 14 in the whole of 2017,” revealed a concerned Badirwang.

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