Justice denied

Man 68 rapes minor, 14

Parents receive P 2, 300 bribery from rapist

A car ride from Malebala lands recently turned horrific, for a 14-year-old girl of Sojwe village when a 68-year-old man stopped his van along the way and raped her at the village cemetery.

The accused man, Modirwa Mantose Konteraka, a former veterinary employee, has paid the family to sweep the matter under the carpet.

Konteraka is reported to have given the victim’s parents P2, 300 and promised them two goats, which he is still to bring, for the matter to not get reported to the police.

The Voice newspaper investigations have revealed that the exchange of money from the accused rapist, took place at the Kgotla, after the unanimous decision was reached before two government officers, Otse Village Chief, Boithamako Keiponye and Sergeant Hildah Motswai.

Speaking to The Voice, the troubled minor said she met the old man on her way back from the lands last month.

He stopped and offered her a ride into the village.

“To my surprise, the car came to halt and we got out of the car and he led me to the cemetery, he laid his jacket on the ground and instructed me to lie on it. He then inserted his penis into my private parts.”

She also revealed that after the unprotected sexual violation, the old man gave her a P10.00 note.

The victim further said two villagers passed by and saw the old man on top of her and when she got home she immediately told her parents about the issue.

She revealed that she only got P5.00 from the money Konteraka gave her parents.

“Both my parents betrayed me, before the money my father ordered the old man to pay five cows for his ill act, but Konteraka never complied.” she said.

The victim’s 41-year-old mother confirmed that indeed she took the money in the presence of the chief and the police officer. She said no case was registered after the payment.

“I am still waiting for the two goats he promised. I do not understand the law, therefore I accepted the payment,” she said.

Chief Boithamako confirmed to The Voice that indeed the payment decision was reached, but said he did not witness the exchange of money.

“The customary court does not deal with rape cases, the money was paid to the victim’s parents at the police office. I do not know if the currency was in Pulas or Rands,” he said.

When reached for a comment, the accused married man Konteraka confessed in an interview that he paid to keep the issue away from his wife and seven children.

“All my efforts were to keep the incident a secret, the little girl led me on,” he said.

The police officer that allegedly witnessed the payment refused to comment but referred the publication to Sojwe Police Station Commander, Superintendent Jubert Kome instead.

Kome said he was not aware of the case.

“It is a clear case of rape and it is a shocking that it has never been brought before the main police office,” said Kome, adding that investigations into the matter will definitely follow now that he knows about it.

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