Just Enough of A Bad Thing
DISTRACTED: Good coffee requires attention

We can get too much of a good thing.

I heard a story recently from a heavy metal drummer whose band had just returned from six weeks on the road that made me think of that saying.

During previous tours, the musiciansroughed it and had to survive on candy bars and fast food so after this one, the drummer was proud to announce they have now reached the stage where all their meals are catered.

That’s a good thing and for the first few days, he saidhe thought it was great having fresh pastries for breakfast and a selection of thinly sliced meats, cheeses and bread for lunch.

But every day it was the same, so after a week,it became quite boring.

That’s too much of a good thing. What I want to write about today, however, is the possibility that we can also have too much, or just the right amount, of a bad thing.

During the past few years,the bad thing I have been having too much of has been liquid.

Well, several liquids; mainly coffee, tea and alcohol and they were starting to affect my health so I decided to stop drinking them…sort of.

I’m not going overboard with this thing. I’ve allowed myself the odd alcoholic beverage and a few times I’ve had four cups of coffee in one day.

Most, however, have been alcohol freewith three or fewer doses of caffeine.

That may seem like a half-hearted approach to some of you, but I don’t think it is because what I’m shooting for isn’t just a short-term clean-out; it’s a life style change.

You know, something that won’t be too boring so I can maintain it for the long run. That’s why I think this method may be healthier than cutting out caffeine and alcohol entirely, plus I’ll start introducing Matcha tea as well, which is ten times healthies.

I like coffee, and I like wine, beer and whiskey, but I don’t enjoy any of them more than I enjoy being healthy.

Since I’ve cut back, however, I’ve found I have been getting a greater amount of pleasure from each of them.

Now,I make a cup of coffee, sit down and really appreciate it because I know there may only be one more that day.

It has become special and I think I may even meditate on its taste, aroma and the feel of the hot mug in my hands.

On the odd day I’ve had a wine, whiskey or beer, I’ve done the same thing… without the hot mug part.

I think those are good things, even if the liquids involved may not be.

When we have too much of something we enjoy we take it for granted and get less pleasure from it than when we just treat ourselves occasionally.

In small doses,even addictive things like alcohol, tobacco, caffeine and sweets can have a beneficial effect.

That’s because if we slowed down and focused on the experience each time we had one of those things, we would become more aware in general, and be in a better position to cut back on our bad habits… and that would be just enough of a bad thing.

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