BOSASNet has been marking the first ‘Substance Abuse Awareness Month’ with a variety of activities which aim to bring the work of the NGO to the public’s attention and highlight the problems of substance abuse within the country.
A very public statement was made on Saturday when over 60 people took to the streets of Gaborone for a ‘Substance Abuse Awareness Walk’ that started in Main Mall, passed by the University of Botswana and ended up in Riverwalk Mall.
The event was a huge success with representatives from BOSASNet, ‘Kagisano Women’s Shelter Project’, ‘Lifeline’, ‘Brotherhood’ UB, BOPA, BTV(as seen  on BTV’s Monday news bullitins) and the general public. Ditiragalo Media filmed the walk and interviewed participants for an upcoming documentary they are producing.


A huge thank you has to be said to Botswana  Police Service who not only escorted the walkers through the busy traffic but turned up in a large number to support the cause and participate in the walk.
A great time was had by all involved, and the singing and dancing certainly turned heads along the route! Indeed, this was the aim of the event; not to fundraise, but to draw people’s attention to the fact that there is substance abuse in Botswana and that BOSASNet, in partnership with other agencies, are doing what they can to address the problems. One of BOSASNet’s aims is to educate the public on the difference between substance use, abuse and dependency; the latter two being the ones which cause problems for individuals and society.
Taking our posters and banners to the street sparked interest in the public and the enthusiastic parade were generally met with support from motorists and bystanders. The feedback so far: the walk should be longer next time!

We would also like to extend an invitation to all the participants to join us on a ‘bring a dish’ braai on Saturday the 2nd July at BOSASNet premises. This is a celebration of Substance Abuse Awareness Month and to thank you for your strengthening relationship with BOSASNet and helping us effect change in our society.
BOSASNET would like to thank all those who attended this event including Shoppers who helped make this event possible by donating Oranges and bottled water.

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