Cartoon of the Pearly gates

As the curtain opens on today’s drama, three men are standing at the pearly gates seeking admission to heaven. The first to plea his case is dressed in a three-piece suit and he tells St. Peter that he lived a good life and treated his wife like a queen.
“We lived in a penthouse flat, I took her out almost every night and bought her whatever she wanted, so when I realised she had been with another man I kind of went crazy.  You see I forgot my wallet one morning and had to come home for it at about 10 o’clock but when I got there my wife was naked in bed and there were two burning cigarettes in the ashtray.
“I saw two hands on the windowsill so I smashed the window down and the bastard fell to the ground. When I looked out, though, I saw he had landed in a dumpster and was still alive so I picked up the refrigerator, carried it to the window and pushed it out.  Unfortunately, it was a lot heavier than I expected and the effort gave me a heart attack, so here I am.”
“In you go,” says St. Peter.

The next man is dressed in overalls and he tells the gatekeeper he was washing windows on the 20th floor of an apartment building when his scaffolding broke.
“I just managed to grab onto a windowsill and I was starting to pull myself up when some bugger slammed the window on my fingers and I figured that was it; but no, I made a soft landing in a load of rubbish and I was okay, but then this fridge comes out of the sky… and here I am.”
“Right, you’re in.  Next,” says the saint.
“Yeah, Pete, those were pretty good stories,” says the third man, “but compared with what happened to me they’re nothing.
“There I was sitting in a refrigerator, minding my own business…”

Oh how we love to see ourselves as victims. During the FA Cup final last Saturday one billionaire ran into the back of another billionaire and shoved him to the ground and then when the ref showed the first billionaire a yellow card he started jumping up and down and holding his head and it looked like he might start crying. I don’t know, maybe he felt cheated by life since he was only pulling in P1 million a week while one of his teammates was… earning… twice that amount.
I guess it just goes to show that there will always be someone out there who seems to be getting a better deal than we are; but if we slow down for a moment and take a realistic look at our situation we can always find plenty of people who have far less than we do.  And the really interesting thing is that some of the people who have fewer material possessions and less money but a good attitude are happier than the so called well-off lot.

Here’s a thought: maybe if we could just take the cards we’ve been dealt, make the best of them and consider ourselves to be truly lucky to be alive in this amazing world we wouldn’t have to wait until we die to see if we can get into heaven.

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The person who fooled us about this judgement dy deserve to rot @ the hell cz he/she fooled elders & even worse 4 tht he played about the coming of ‘GOD’ which ws a disrespect 4 OUR FATHER who is @ heaven Y cudnt he/she bettr played about something besides this issue