evicted: Jossy

It was a local moment on Biggie last weekend as local artist Scar and Vee performed at Big Brother Amplified. The talented artists did not disappoint as they had revelers eating out of their palms.
Six housemates were up for eviction but it was ultimately Namibia’s Jossy who was evicted! Confidence, Vimbai, Vina and Weza returned to the Heads house while a surprised Danny unexpectedly found himself in the Tails house, much to the excitement of the housemates.


his own man: Luclay

Nkuli, Kim, Luclay or Mumba are the four possible housemates up for eviction next Sunday.
Karen, who had the most Nominations, was saved from possible Eviction in a last minute decision by Head of House, Miss P., who put Mumba in her place instead.
Karen, who was oblivious to the fact that Miss P had saved her, seemed the most frazzled.
“I need to pack,” she said. However, a couple of minutes later she told Lotus “I’m not going anywhere. I just got here!”
Mumba, who has now joined the two South African Housemates and her fellow countryman, Kim, in the race for another shot at the game, doled out  advice and seemed particularly sympathetic to Miss P’s dilemma of having to ‘Save and Replace’.
“Shame, Miss P seems stressed about the ‘Save and Replace’, but it can happen to anyone. It could be me or Bhoke. It could be any of us really,” she said, almost prophetically.

The Zimbabwean housemate could do a Hannington move in the Big Brother Amplified house if not checked. It has turned out that he is bad tempered and even if one said they were sorry, he will not take any of that. One of the gals took his cigarettes. He blamed Millicent for the missing cigarettes yet it wasVina who took them. The cigarettes were later brought back but he was still not cooling down.
Vina said she was sorry but Wendall was spitting fire by then. It took the intervention of Confidence, Hanni from Ethiopia who even hugged him and fellow housemate from Zimbabwe Vimbai to calm him down.

Ghana’s representatives in the Big Brother Africa reality show, Confidence and Alex are free from eviction this week.
After last week’s scare that nearly saw Confidence exiting the house, four housemates, Nkuli, Kim, Luclay and Mumba are the housemates up for eviction this week.

Tailsmates dediced to go 75 percent less than they did a week before. Clearly still hung over their loss of the Calendar Task, Tailsmates decided to play it safe with the Big Brother Circus Task.By a show of hands, there was very little doubt that the Tailsmates would play it safe and wager 25 percent. Miss P did admit to being a bit annoyed by being asked by Big Brother if she were sure that is what they all wanted to wager.

Tailsmates wagered a full 100 percent for their Photo Calendar, the week before, and lost their access to luxury items such as cigarette and alcohol; an experience that may have advised their cautious approach.
Luclay had some choice words for Karen after she told him South Africa had his back and would save him from possible Eviction.
The Tails were all gathered in the garden after a tense Nominations show, where it was revealed that Nkuli, Luclay, Karen and Kim were up for possible Eviction this Sunday.
A frazzled Karen, who is clearly unaware she is out of the firing line, after Miss P chose to save and replace her with Mumba, told Luclay he shouldnt worry because his country would vote to save him.
Luclay confidently told Karen he wasn’t worried about anything because he has his own back.
Karen seemed stunned by Luclay’s assertion.
“Luclay, you can’t say that. Your country will vote for you,” she said. Luclay told her how South Africa does not pay his bills and concluded that Karen is not as strong as he thought she was, after her statement.

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