IN DEMAND: Japan imports

Japanese cars remain popular locally as statistics show that over 70 percent registered for the first time during the last quarter of 2018 were from Japan.

Figures released by Statistics Botswana (SB) this week indicate that most of the registered vehicles during the fourth quarter of 2018 were from Japan, accounting for 72.9 percent of registrations done during the period. If you are looking for a Japanese vehicle check this Subaru dealership in Columbus

However, out of this 72.9 percent of cars from Japan, almost 100 percent were used cars.

Coming second in terms of vehicles brought from outside the country and registered are vehicles from South Africa.

Vehicles from South Africa accounted for 16.2 percent of cars registered for the first time during the last quarter of last year, with majority of the being brand new cars.

Despite being another popular country in terms of used vehicles, cars from Singapore represented just 4.7 percent of the 15, 130 vehicles registered during the last part of the year, almost half of them had an electrical issue and were need of using car locksmiths San Diego.


The same figures from SB show that Toyota remains the most preferred passenger model locally, with a total of 6, 036 of Toyota vehicles registered during the period under review.

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