Caged: Rapoo
Caged: Rapoo

Rapoo Bitsang of Semotswane Village near Tonota has been languishing in jail for almost a year now after his Zimbabwean girlfriend vanished with his 8-year-old nephew.

The mother of the boy, reported her son missing sometimes last year and after police searched for the toddler in vain, 24-year-old Rapoo was nabbed and jailed on a holding charge of murder.

Young Ramosesane Bitsang was staying with Sithokeni Chuma who was in love with the accused man at the time of his sudden disappearance.

It is believed that the Zimbabwean woman unceremoniously returned back home together with Ramosesane without notifying anyone.

Although the police including the toddler’s parents travelled to Chegutu in Zimbabwe looking for the boy, the search drew blank.

It is alleged that Chuma’s relatives in Zimbabwe revealed that the woman did return home and later left with another boyfriend but revealed that they never saw the missing lad.

Although Rapoo was thrown behind bars pending police investigation, he was later granted a conditional bail but his parents refused to sign for him since they did not know what happened for him to be jailed.

When appearing for a mention before Principal magistrate Peggy Madandume on Monday this week, Rapoo pleaded with the court to consider changing the bail condition since his relatives were not willing to help him.

“I am begging this court to revise the bail condition because no one is willing to be surety for my release.

They are refusing to sign for me because the alleged crime happened in Zimbabwe,” Rapoo said adding that staying behind bars was not good for him.

The magistrate however said it was impossible to reverse the set condition since it was only the prosecution who could propose changes to the bail.

She ordered the accused man to be returned to prison and to appear in two weeks.

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