ENTERPRISING: A vendor selling cooking oil on the street where people now shop as ‘street prices’ are lower

Life in Zimbabwe is tough and the sad thing is that the situation is worsening with each passing day.

On Saturday, fuel prices went up again, a third increase in just three weeks.

I know that if I convert the price of fuel in Zimbabwe to Pulas it would seem cheap but the fact of the matter is that in our context, it is very expensive.

To give you some perspective, a teacher’s monthly salary is not even enough to fill up the tank of a Honda Fit, that’s how pathetic our situation is!

Incomes have been eroded so badly that many of us have had to adjust our life styles. Having three meals a day is now even a struggle for those considered to be the in the middle-income bracket.

Chatting to people, one can easily tell that it’s not easy out there.

With bread no longer part of daily meals for most households due to high cost and non-availability, the majority are ‘content’ with brunch of sadza (phaleshe) and vegetables as meat is way beyond the reach of many.

In cases where it is available, it’s only eaten in the evenings – and of course again mixed with vegetables as therewill only be one or two pieces on the plate.

That meal by the way would have been prepared on fire and eaten under candlelight as 18-hour long power cuts are still with us.

And talking of electricity, the government has since increased electricity tariffs meaning that the already over-burdened Zimbo will fork out more for a commodity that is not even available.

So with power and fuel prices having increased sharply, this then means that the cost of all other goods and services will go up again.

Knowing how businesses operate here, the prices will increase three-fold if not tenfold yet incomes have not increased, even by a cent.

Actually I think I am being unfair to the business community by insinuating that they have no regard for the masses when increasing prices because this seems to be the case even in government.

My jaw literally dropped when I learnt that toll fees have been increased by almost 80 percent.

What kind of a government increases a fee from $2.00 to $10.00 knowing full well that people were already struggling to pay the old fee.

Well, I guess it’s a government that knows it has instilled so much fear in people such that they will think twice about taking to the streets to register their anger and frustration.

But at the rate at which things are going, I don’t think people will continue to suffer in silence, we are being pushed and pushed too fast, too far.

We cannot afford to experience yet another hyperinflation era where prices were being increased every day if not every hour.

We are already one foot into hyperinflation – I do hope something will give before we go full throttle.

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It is very sad that the african leadership -mostly do not care about the ordinary people it is always about themselves corrupt african leaders are never being brought to book


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