‘It’s their time to eat’
Eating Fast: Chiwenga

Capitalising: Constatino and Mary Chiwenga

It is now clear that when they staged a coup against former president Robert Mugabe, it was not about ‘liberating’ Zimbabwe.

The whole idea was to position themselves so they can also have the best chances of lining their pockets.

Yes they were already in the system but I guess there were not satisfied with the positions they held, they needed to be in higher offices because it now looks like the higher you go in terms of position in government, the more chances you have of ‘eating’ if not ‘over eating’.

Of course we were happy when they ousted Uncle Bob who had long overstayed as we hoped that things would change for the better, but we were wrong.

As already indicated, it was never about us the ordinary men and women even though we went out in our thousands on that historic march on November 18 to push for Mugabe’s resignation.

It was about the masterminds of the coup and their allies who are now sitting prettier, the rest of us were just pawns as we continue to struggle to make ends meet.

Last week, Mary Chiwenga (35), wife of vice president Constantino Chiwenga (62) was awarded a lucrative government tender worth millions of dollars to provide travel arrangements for the office of the president and cabinet.

What makes the whole thing stink is that in documents leaked to the press, her company did not meet all the requirements prior to the awarding of the tender.

She was instead instructed to put her house in order when she had already been given the contract.

While news consumers were still digesting this scandal, it was also reported that the Chiwengas had grabbed a 300-hectare seed farm situated a few kilometers out of Harare.

The farm was established by the Agriculture Rural Development Authority, which is a government department to help meet the growing demand of crop seeds.

According to media reports, the couple has been trying to take over the farm since 2012 with no success and now that Chiwenga is number two, nothing and no one can stop him from grabbing what he wants.

And by the way, Mary calls herself the country’s second lady, talk about inventing titles.

While the VP and his wife are busy ‘eating’, President Emmerson Mnangangwa is also making sure that they don’t eat alone as hardly a week passes by without promotions in the army and the air force.

These uniformed men who are being promoted might deserve but we are tempted to think that they are simply being rewarded for the roles they played in preparation for the coup and Mngangagwa’s subsequent takeover.

In other news, Mugabe’s huge appetite for eating has come back to haunt him as media reports are that a company linked to him and his family inflated prices of airplanes by more than US$80million.

The company, Zimbabwe Airways allegedly bought planes from Malaysia using government funds without following due process.

It is still not yet clear what was to happen to the state run Air Zimbabwe had Zimbabwe Airways started flying.

This is however not the big concern, what is raising eyebrows is the inflating of prices of the airplanes with the big question being, who pocketed the $80 million?

Your guess is as good as mine; remember this company is linked to the Mugabe family with the son-in-law, Simba Chikore who is a pilot at the forefront of running its affairs.