It's over!
QUEEN OF MOSAKASO: Magdeline Lesolebe

*Leshman and Charma Gal split

*Allegations of infidelity, muti-use and death threats surface

It appears the much-publicised three-year love affair between the Queen of Mosakaso, Magdeline Lesolebe and businessman, Resego Matenge is over.

Information gathered by this publication has indicated that Leshman, as Matenge is commonly known, kicked Charma Gal out of his posh Phakalane house following a string of long-standing and increasingly heated arguments.

The split comes amid sordid allegations of muti-use, infidelity and even death threats.

Although he confirmed giving Charma Gal, 33, the boot, Leshman would not reveal why the romance had come to a seemingly abrupt end.

“It is true I asked her to leave my house, we are no longer together. I want to focus on building my business and raising our two-year-old boy, Thandolwane. Anything that has to do with Charma Gal is no longer my business,” he told The Voice in an exclusive, if rather brief, interview.

It's over!
BUSINESSMAN: Resego Matenge

Unable to resist a dig at his ex-girlfriend, Leshman griped that he had spent almost P600, 000 re-launching Charma Gal’s career but ‘she refused to grow’.

Rumours reaching The Voice however paint a picture of a rocky relationship between two fiery, fiercely independent individuals.

“They didn’t trust each other; time and time again there would be arguments over the use of muti by either party,” claimed a source close to the former power couple.

Although they would not speculate on why the two would be using muti, the source, who agreed to talk on the condition of anonymity, had an even darker accusation to make.

“Leshman has been suspicious that Charma Gal wanted to kill their child and he confided in some of his friends that he was going to allow her to visit the child in his presence only,” they declared.

The youngster is currently in Leshman’s custody, a point that was verified by Leshman, who confirmed, “Yes I stay with my boy because I believe that is where he can get the necessary care a child can get from parents.”

Another reported concern that played a big part in the break-up was the issue of infidelity.

Leshman is said to have grown suspicious of Charma Gal’s friendship with Zimbabwean artist Jah Prayzah, becoming increasingly convinced the two singers were having an affair.

Leshman’s jealousy is reported to have reached the point where he told Charma Gal to choose between attending the Third Generation band member’s album launch in Harare last October or him.

“Charma Gal had no choice but to cancel the invitation at the last minute,” maintained the source.

The apparent ‘final nail in the coffin’ came when Lerala born-artist went for a gig in Palapye without her fiancée’s knowledge.

“Leshman saw through social media that she was performing together with the same Jah Prayzah, who he has long been suspecting she was dating behind his back. He then kicked her out,” narrated the source.

However, when contacted for a comment, Charma Gal insisted she had not been ‘kicked out’ but had left of her own accord.

“I am an Apex Ambassador and part of the deal was that I get a house for a year. I decided to move out because there I will not be disturbing anyone. My band members will now be free to visit me at my new place which I also use as an office unlike before,” explained the woman who first found fame as the lead singer of Culture Spears.

The singer refused to talk about her relationship with her baby’s father, telling The Voice, “I don’t have time to discuss such things; I am busy working on a collaboration with artists from South Africa and Nigeria.”

Before dating Leshman, the ‘Mmokolodi’ hit-maker was married to her Culture Spears co-singer Kabelo Mogwe. The couple divorced in 2015 after a messy break-up dominated by rumours of cheating and widespread muti-use.

Contacted for comment, Jah Prazah’s Manager, Keen Mushataidze said that although they have worked with Charma Gal, the relationship that his artist is having with her is a working relationship and nothing else. “My artist never dated Charma Gal,” he explained.

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