It’s cold outside ZANU PF
BACK HOME: Didymus Mutasa (R) and Ambrose Mutinhiri (L) being welcomed by ZANU PF's Secretary for Administration, Obert Mpofu

BACK HOME: Didymus Mutasa (R) and Ambrose Mutinhiri (L) being welcomed by Zanu PF’s Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu

On Tuesday, the ruling Zanu PF welcomed back to its fold, two of its former founding members.

One had been expelled by former president Robert Mugabe for plotting to oust him way back in 2014 while the other left the party last year saying he could not work with people who toppled the latter.

The two old men, Didymus Mutasa (83) and Ambrose Mutinhiri (75) are back in the ruling party, their official reasons being that they are ready to serve their party once again and assist in re-building the nation.

I am saying their official reasons because it is known for a fact that it’s all lies. To start with, these men are in their twilight years and really have nothing to offer in as far as building Zimbabwe is concerned.

In any case they had been part of government since 1980 and thus have a hand in destroying this country so they must save us these lies of wanting to re-build the nation.

The truth of the matter is that they were seeing dust and finding the going tough outside the comfort zone of Zanu PF.

All their adult lives, they had been part of the ruling party inner circle and always had their hands in the cookie jar.

So basically their lives were just smooth sailing as they always had cash at their disposal by virtue of their political links.

That however came to an end when they left the party.

News started coming out of how Mutasa, who had been a cabinet minister had not been paying his electricity bills at his various properties and how he had fraudulently turned one government house into his personal property.

At one point, he reportedly sought the intervention of Mugabe as debtors, including the power utility company were giving him sleepless nights.

Those days of flexing his political muscle on anyone and any institution were no more and his coffers had run dry.

Mutasa had actually been reduced to an ordinary village man with nothing to show for his days as a cabinet minister and a once big fish in the ruling party.

So I guess having had enough of suffering and being a nobody, Mutasa just like Mutinhiri thought of ending their misery by going back to the party they had always known.

Former cabinet minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo was right after all when he wrote that its ‘cold out there’ in reference to the time he had spent outside Zanu PF following his suspension for insubordination.

I am sure these two men can also attest to this hence their decision to go back to the ruling party and promising to serve at their ages when it is clear that they just want to protect their interests and to eat again if possible.

There are also reports that former vice president; Joice Mujuru who was booted out of government and ruling party and later formed her own party, which has since crumbled, is set to retrace her steps back to Zanu PF.

Again, this won’t come as a surprise.

In other news, Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni is set to officially open this year’s International Trade Fair which kicks off in Bulawayo in two weeks time.

Of all the leaders in this continent, they chose the old man Museveni, who comes across as more of a clown than a president.

In all fairness I think if our leadership wants to be taken seriously by the regional and international community, they should in instances like these chose to associate with people with a good standing record.

Museveni is not counted amongst good leaders because of human rights abuse cases in Uganda, appointing his wife a cabinet minister and promoting his son to the be the army chief.

In fact he seems to be running Uganda like his fiefdom, just like what former President Robert Mugabe was doing.

So what message is this regime trying to put across by inviting such a leader to what is supposed to be a major event in Zimbabwe’s calendar? Not a clever choice indeed.

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