It’s a circus!

It has been extremely difficult to write this week’s column.

How do you write when tears flow uncontrollably out of grief, how do you write while mourning the passing of someone who was more like a mother than a boss?

You may now have rested eternally Ausi B but you will always be remembered with love and fondness.

Your love for me was unconditional and I will forever cherish that. You also loved Zimbabwe, your second home by marriage, and we chatted often about the situation back home.

You had a dream and plans of setting up a business and partly moving to your second home but sadly God had already planned to call you home when we least expected.

Rest in glory and in peace Mma Kasale, till we meet again.

Talking of the situation here at home, the election circus continues with more than 23 presidential candidates set to appear on the ballot paper!

While this may be part of democracy, it beats me why the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission would allow such madness to prevail.

It’s a circus!

In fact, the mental state of some of the candidates is quite questionable judging from their dress codes and the way they carry themselves.

Some of the candidates are clearly there for fun so that they can lay claim to having contested for the country’s top position at some point in their lives.

I don’t want to believe they are there to split votes because they will certainly not vote for themselves also.

I doubt even their spouses and close family members will waste their time putting the X against their names.

I mean who votes for a party called Zimbabwe Industrial and Technology Party led by a man whose appearance suggests he does have the slightest hint of what technology is all about!

It’s a circus!

Such is the circus and madness that we will be subjected to when we go for polls at the end of next month.

This election is clearly between two candidates: Emmerson Mnangangwa of Zanu PF and Nelson Chamisa of the Movement for Democratic Change Alliance; yet we will have to go through a whole list of 23 people to look for just that one person.

And just when we thought we had seen enough of low level politics and politicians behaving like they no longer have even an iota of dignity, Finance Minister, Patrick Chinamasa over the weekend officially opened/handed over a big dustbin (a version of Skiphire) in rural Rusape, which is more than 100 kilometers outside Harare.

Imagine a whole cabinet minister, waking up to travel more than 100 kilometres to cut a ribbon around a dustbin and to officially declare it open for trash – what a load of rubbish indeed. I give up!