It was a toy gun

Tlhalerwa explains Mzwinila’s water gun gift to Khama

Assistant Minister of Youth Empowerment, Sport and Culture Development, Kefentse Mzwinila has been on the spotlight for giving, President Ian Khama a toy gun as a present recently.

Mzwinila became the talk of town after pictures of him handing over the toy gun to the outgoing president during a farewell kgotla meeting in Mmadinare went viral on social media.

Many wanted to know if the gun was real and if it were, did the minister have a licence to own it and why he would choose to give Khama a gun for a present?

In an interview with The Voice on Wednesday, Mzwinila however revealed that the present was not a real gun at all but a toy.

“It was a plastic water gun,” he said.

Pressed further on why he would gift a grown up man, a water gun, Mzwinila lost his cool and changed his tune.

“You are asking many questions. Why are you questioning my prerogative and right to give my President a gift of my choice? Are you suggesting that I do not have any freedom in our democracy to provide an appropriate gift of my choice,” he said and hung up the phone.

However, the Private Secretary to the President, George Tlhalerwa explained that the toy gun was a replica of the Swiss made P 228 gun model.

“He engraved the replica with the President’s name.” Tlhalerwa said.

Both Mzwinila and Khama are former Botswana Defence Force officers.

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