It is time to move on- Kgosietsile
MOVING ON: Sergent Yellowman Kgosietsile

BNF leadership trafficked people to push me out

Sergeant Yellowman Kgosietsile has known no other political home besides the Botswana National Front since he joined politics in 1994.

However, if talk and hints from his interview with The Voice reporter, Daniel Chida are anything to go by, then the outspoken councilor is certainly on his way out.

Kgosietsile has for a long time been open about his dislike for his president Duma Boko’s leadership style and thus his defection would not come as a surprise.

Q. You have been described as a prodigal son who does respect the party leadership by some of the BNF members, why such a tag on you?

At BNF we have a culture of openly criticizing each other including the leadership if we feel they are doing wrong.

It’s unfortunate that the current BNF leadership does not want that. Boko is not taking the party anywhere and people are not openly speaking out it, fortunately or unfortunately I cannot do that.

Q. Ok, let’s talk about the past BNF primary elections where you lost…

I didn’t lose elections; we have a clear case that shows there was trafficking of members while the real people of Marulamantsi who are BNF members were turned away.

Some of the people who voted during our elections had voted before in other areas, you cannot vote twice.

My lawyer tried to furnish them with a court order before elections but they refused and went ahead with elections. 227 voters were turned away from elections.

Q. Who turned away your voters?

The BNF leadership especially Moeti Mohwasa, Boko and MmaBatshidi, they are the ones who trafficked people to my constituency to push me out.

BNF has been complaining of Botswana Democratic Party‘s rigging of elections but it is them again doing it to their members.

I am going to win back my ward because my achievements are there for all to see.

Q. Why did they de-campaign you?

My main problem is that I told them that the current Umbrella for Democratic Change is in disarray.

Voters don’t want the UDC that has Sidney Pilane in it; although people are quiet they are hurt by what is happening.

Q. What is the way forward?

Although we are waiting to hear from them we are having a Press Conference on Monday. I think it is time to move on.

Q. What do you mean by that?

Let me not say much because we are having a Press conference on Monday and everything will be revealed there.

Q. You have been linked to Alliance for Progressives (AP) for a long time, what is happening?

I didn’t go to AP, I was one of those who were against working with the likes of Botswana Movement for Democracy which was under Ndaba Gaolathe then but towards 2014 elections Boko kept on praising Ndaba calling him a political guru, I had to accept that.

The likes of Gabriel Kanjabanga and Meshack Mthimkhulu shared my views but with Ndaba being my area MP I had to accept and work with him.

As time went on I discovered that he was a real guru who was worth the praise.

I worked well with him and please bear in mind that it was BNF which brought me and Ndaba together.

Just because Boko started fights with Ndaba and messing up UDC does not mean I also have to be enemies with him (Ndaba), we must serve the people.

Q. But there are allegations of you defecting to AP.

The issue of me defecting to AP or wherever is not an issue now, the thing is, I believe that currently AP is a visionary organisation with a visionary and smart leader.

If it happens that I join him then it won’t be a problem.

He doesn’t attack people on social media yet I have been attacked many times by some people from BNF.

But anyway, that is water under the bridge.

We had a constituency meeting where a decision was taken that we call a press conference where people will be told of our next step.