Chillin Out: 30th July Issue

Letter to the Editor:
BDF disputes Shaya’s allegation that a senior officer impregnated a fresh cadet

We wish to bring your attention to the article headlined, ‘The Senior Officer and the Pregnant Cadet,’ published in your Chilling Out Column, dated Friday 30, 2010.
We are aware that this is gossip and that gossip by its nature is neither factual nor upright and mostly carries falsehood. However, we have found it proper to respond to this gossip mainly because the said article touches on sensitive issues of morality. On the same note, this gossip tarnishes the good image of this organization as it carries innuendos that are not only non-factual but also scandalous.
It is no doubt that according to standard military ethics, dating of officers across ranks between Commissioned Officers and Non Commissioned Officer (NCO) is an offense.
Similarly, dating between senior officer and junior officers is a prohibited act. To date, none of these acts have ever been committed by any member of the Defence Force ever since we enrolled female soldiers into our fold.
To set the record straight, Shaya’s gossip purporting that the standing order did not, however, stop a very senior officer in the army from impregnating his much junior subordinate is not only unsubstantiated but like all other lies, malicious and factually wrong. None of our female officers has been impregnated by any BDF officer as purported by the author. Neither do we have any BDF officer who has ascended to any rank controversially.
We therefore wish to bring it to the attention of the Editor and the readership in general that this gossip is misleading and paints a wrong picture of the BDF and its leadership.

Major Bern Ragalase
Public Affairs Officer, Botswana Defence Force

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shaya o worse le wena


shaya e bua nnete wena Bern Ragalase.y r u denying?kana le wena o mo BDP,u r full off denial?


Bo Shaya ga ba tshabe go ikgolega.


shaya o bua nnete, re itse ba ntse go hakgamatse le fa ba ka ganetsa.


shyaa ga a yake, ragalase o tshogile…there is no smoke without fire…banna bao maswe, peba ga e kake ya bapa le dithotse…kwa gaa ramang tota?re ye teng


wai,hare gare bana,Shaya ga a yake rona re sale re utule kgang eo before shaya,so morena dont try to fool us we already know the truth!!!!!!


i don’t think u guys(BDF)should have bothered mo itse Shaya,if anything o supile gore u have stupid acts ko yr organisation.u can’t stand in the way of peoples feelings but what was worrying ke gore the man is married.


the response by the major does not prove that Shaya is lying. The are laws that prohibit stealing but jails are full of thieves. If indeed the cadet was impregnated by the senior guy the name of the guy must appear on the birth certificate as demanded by law to date. Otherwise the major should order a paternity test to ensure that the senior guy is not using his power and authority to abuse the female cadres. There is no smoke without fire. This could be an exception.


Ene o botoka o imisitswe ke yo rona ke batla tsamaya ka diteraka ba itshwareletse ka ditlhobolo a gase bo Pvt.nnya mme ganetsa ragalase mme yoo reya go tshidilon nae mut..!e ntse ele lesole.kana bone ba ya tshidilon kae.go a kwalwa gotwe occupation.o tlaabo are:soldier..!ija..!


you guys be careful ga le kwala ka dilo tsa ka kwa BDF,do not tarnish the good name of our defence forces.LONG LIVE BDF, LE GOLE LE BO LE NNE STRONG STRONG STRONG GO FETA US ARMY TOTA.


is my first tym to see sum 1 responding to the gossip of shaya.Tota borre ba masole lo tshositswe ke eng?gore sephiri se dule?nnyaya bo commander,we dnt buy ur story.u hv exposed ur foolishness RAGALASE.U hv made history.le fa ele bone bo SLIZER le bo FRANCO who r shaya addictive ga banke ba replya.


nnyaa ke sono…nna ga ke ise ke bone gossip e fetolwa…nnete e a baba tasco…lo dira dilo ragalase, now you have washed ur dirty linen in public…so it is TRUE, shaya ga ayake..

putra jaya

hahhahaha u guys ur comments r crckin my ribs. ragalase ke solofela gore o ikutwetse gr shaya ga a fetolwe. bo franco le bo slizer le bo benson etc ga ba ise ba itshwenye.


“fresh cadet” ba ka ba tlogela?!? I doubt, not here…hehehehe batla le bone bantse foreshenyana ijakg.

Field Marshall

owai haele ragalase ene ke mathata hela,ha motho ikgorisitse ka yo mongwe ga gona gore go ka tweng,kana ebile ba tla ba le foreshenyana,ga ba ka kake baba tlogela diofisara tse dikgolwane unless they are gays he he he he!

we cannot simply believe ur article ragalase more so that u guys ba BDF re a le itse, ga lo tshege le ngwana wa mosetsana for nothing,lo ba feditse.FULL STOP!




bathong ragalase otla dira gore shaya a gatoge data rona re ntse re itse kgang eo kana gape masole ke bo YES SIR fela, o boleletswe gore a kwale are seo ke maaka abo are YES SIR, one a boloka tiro bagaetsho,sesole ga go itaolwe gao batla go bona obo o dater ba maemo ako tlase hei.. ngwana wa batho onna a salutile fela


with all respecti dnt c any problem with people of the same profession dating couz where the is people of different sex the is always feeling


masole le mapodise mo banyanen ga o kake waba re sepe nna ke ipotsa gore does their training involve adultery course.malwetse…

nxu stru!!!!!!!!!

@Tautona a gase ‘katse le peba’


@nxu stru peba e ka tlhola e siile katse. KATSE E NWA MASHI. BA A JA BO RAGALASE


ao… tlhe ga lo boi!ke gore wy r u concernd 2 reply 2 shaya if dats nt tru?tlogela bopelotshetlha lo nyetse!sis……….ga o swabe!

The Ceaze

hu is covering hu???something is up–and it wont come down to nothing believe me!!!


Ke eng kante go sa arabe mong wa kgang?