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I had an interesting chat with one of my guy friends a few weeks ago, an interesting chat I must add.
Well, what can I say I am forever having interesting chats with my friends especially the guys.
I asked this friend of mine if he had ever dated an older girl or even a lady, maybe 5-10 years older. I mean hey, I was just curious and again I had talked about this on the youth affairs show on Yarona Fm and we got loads of text messages from people with different views on age and relationships.

This friend of mine did admit to have had 2 or 3 short relationships with older women at some point in his life. He again told me that he had liked a lot other elder women but could not approach them because of well, obvious reasons of society’s resistance to certain things.

I then thought of one other friend of mine who has a thing for one of his lecturers and just can’t keep stop thinking of her. When this lady passes him, boy oh boy, the guy just goes crazy.
Speaking to both of these guys made me realize something, something intriguing by the way. However, I do stand to be corrected, but I think that almost every guy, if not all of them, has to pass through a stage where he feels a need to date an older woman. It’s not because the guy wants to use the older woman for supplies, if you not what I mean, the guy just has that drive to be with an older woman.

Some say this is because at this stage the guy feels the need to be superior and at this point dating an older woman is the only way to satisfy this need.  Get me right here, now guys do this unintentionally, it’s a natural drive, a natural need, hormonal what what…  However, unfortunately for some it becomes a permanent stage that just won’t pass like some I guy I know, another friend of mine by the way. Now this guy is stuck up on older ladies and just cannot live without them.

He tried going out with a younger girl but the relationship lasted three weeks because the guy felt that it was just not working, not because the girl was not loving enough, or cute enough, but there was just “something missing”… and that something was that this girl was younger than the guy.

I know some of you are thinking isn’t this the same as girls dating older guys right? Well, it’s not actually, with girls, most of the times, they date older guys for well… supplies. This is not always the case though; sometimes it’s just pure love. And again, girls don’t actually have that natural need to date older guys, it’s entirely intentional, there’s no drive here while with guys, it’s well, a stage that needs to be passed on the way to adulthood. While most guys act on this need, a few let it pass, some choose to die internally by not saying a word. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it ladies and gentleman, all guys pass through this “desire for old woman stage”.
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Tshepho lesa go misleada bana,not all guys pass thru a stage for desire for older women.Lots of guys like to generally flirt wit women young and old,the problem is some ignore it and take it as a game and others will take a bite.Just like if u keep poking an unfamiliar snake,some are harmless and some will take you “out!”.Personally i dont encourage boys dating older women but if it happens then so be long the age gap is not too much.