Is this loan real?
SCAM: Unsolicited financial Service Providers

I received an email from [email protected] offering me a loan offer from Swiss Financial GroupLoan DepartmentEasypay Loan Services (click site).

They said “We are private investors operating in several areas (Banking, Finance, Insurance).We have the legitimate ambition to invest in all business in any country economically and politically stable, whose laws and regulations protect and secure foreign investors. It is for all these reasons that we want a frank and sincere collaboration in all profitable activities in the private or public sector.We are willing ? finance any individual or private or public company who desires it. Our finances are between 500,000 Euros minimum and maximum 500 million Euros at a fixed interest rate of 3% per year.”

Do you think this is real?

No. This is undoubtedly the beginning of a scam.

The clues are there. Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, real lenders don’t approach potential customers like this, by email and without knowing their name.

Lenders suggesting they’re in Switzerland certainly don’t do so from a free email service based in Latvia (did you see the .

lv at the end of the email address?.

It’s also unbelievable. Real lenders don’t offer vast amounts of money (500 million Euros is about P6 billion) at ridiculously low interest rates.

They simply don’t. They also don’t lend across borders and indeed continents as easily as these people say they do.

There’s the issue of language quality. Do you really think that a company that offers billion Pula loans can’t express itself properly in English?

This is actually the beginning of another advance fee scam.

Sooner or later, probably just before the day they’ve convinced you that you’re about to get the money, they’ll demand a last-minute fee of some sort.

Sometimes it’s a legal fee, other times a tax or duty payment. Whatever it is, that’s the “advance fee” that gives the scam its name.

Just delete the email and any others like it. For a legit personal loan, you can get special info here.

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