Three weeks back I watched a very interesting reality show called “Sister Wives” in one of the BBC Channels.

It was about the life of a man who is married to four wives and has several children.  This big family is constantly living in fear as they are perceived as an odd family and again what the man is doing is seen unethical and to some extent illegal.

Whenever a police car passes by their house they always have to have their guard up and be ready for the possibility of their father being escorted to the police car. Not a desirable lifestyle I must admit, I mean who would want to live their life in constant fear and feel like they are walking on egg shells wherever they go.

Now because of the terror that this family is living in, I then thought of something that I find really disturbing, well, in my view that is. You know how Polygamy is frowned upon by many and is even illegal in our country.

But have you ever thought of the sarcasm of this legal law and how it goes against our moral beliefs and expectation. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not at all suggesting that polygamy be legalized, I mean I know I would have an absolutely hard time if my father or brother was to have multiple wives.

What I find confusing is that our law prohibits a man or woman from marrying more than one partner and bearing children with all these partners while there’s no punishment for men who have multiple partners and have bundle of children all over the country. Why is this huh? Don’t you find this contradictory to what we believe in? I know I do.

Look at it in this way, the man in the reality show Sister Wives lives with all his wives and children under one roof and cares for them, loves them and provides for all of them. But yet people find this so ungodly and so wrong but yet there are a whole lot of men who have children with four different women and most of them don’t even take care of these scattered children. Even so, there’s no law that imprisons these kinds of people, only until the mother sues the father for maintenance and that’s it.

There are no regular police checks on men who have kids with different women and extra marital sexual relationships, so they can live in constant fear! What is our government and law trying to portray? What are we the youth supposed to learn from this?

That it’s right to have a whole lot of kids with different women and not marry them or love them, but it is so wrong to marry all these women and provide for your children and be a happy family? By the way, I’m not at all implying that it’s only men who behave in such a manner, I’m not at all discriminating.

I’m just emphasizing on men because the reality show focuses on a family of one man, four wives and his children. So I ask you, the reader of this column, do you find any sense in what I’m saying and share the same views or you think things are fine the way they are? Let’s interact.

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Polygamy is not illegal in Botswana. It is just that the law allows a person to have only one registered spouse, but is silent on how many more women outside a man can have. I can tell you that, judging by the increase in these kinds of affairs and the number of cases for child support, that Botswana is ready for polygamy. The Bazezuru tribe practises polygamy and you never hear of child support because the husband is responsible. He does not sleep with his wives for receation, like what our men do. He knows everytime he sleeps with one… Read more »

Chris M

If you want to wipe out our communities, start this polygamy thing! Why is it not outlawed yet?


Poligamy in Zambia is not illegal. we learn quite alot from other countries and so i believe that poligamy itself is an act of selfishness. it degrades our moral grounds.

I therefore want to mention here that never at any time would i want to be for this bad idea


When you have a heard of cattle in your cattle post how may bulls do you keep in that kraal as compared to the number of heifers? Ans supposing you buy one expensive Brahman bull and bring it to your kraal, how will you feel if it just mated with one heifer and then quit? In this analogy, if we can accept that one bull can service a heard full of heifers, why is it so strange that some men will want to have more than one wife? Yes, I know, you say, we are not animals. Well that’s just… Read more »


Polygamous marriage will never be sanctified by God. it is ungodly and selfish. according to God’s Word on the New Bible which follows New Testament it is written:”What emerged already in My Heavens from ME as essentially different, either “male” or “female”, and is to merge into IMAGES OF MYSELF, is put onto your Earth as “man and woman”; but the PERFECT IMAGE OF MYSELF can only be reached by sanctifying this UNION as being one flesh, one soul and one spirit, never otherwise!”(Chapter5) Again, it is written:”The will to and the longing for this achievement has been laid into… Read more »


Again,it is written:”Therefore, true monogamous marriage with its holy effects must become the highest aim of your earthly existence if there is to be again LIGHT on Earth and a human race to come into being which will be no more submissive to My Counterpole and her hell here below. Even those nations on this Earth which have not even legalized the principle of holy monogamy ought, as of now, to align their law in every respect according to the precepts of this NEW BIBLE.”


No we cannot opt for POLYGAMY. It is not fair at all ke matshelo a ga saatane ao. We need to live they way God wants us to.


aish e sharpo bonking many wifes i will be the first one to be spear and make use of my mshine wami.u will see your wifes will all perform because competition will be there.