FACE TO FACE: Fani takes on Sebego this weekend

Battle lines are once more drawn in the football community. For the second time after the fierce battle between Phillip Makgalemele and David Fani another big football battle will divide the country this coming Sunday.
Both men running for the top post sounded confident ahead of the Botswana Football Association Annual General Meeting this Sunday. David Fani told Voice Sport in an interview that he need to be provided with an opportunity to conclude what he started and elevate football to another level.

“I would like to believe that the achievements of the past years speak for themselves. Actually football people do understand and appreciate that there has been progress,” Fani said. His competitor Tebogo Sebego a man he appointed as the legal advisor four years ago believes it is time to take the reins.
“We need to commercialize football, turn it into an industry that can generate income. We need blocks to increase region representation in the National Executive Committee. We also want to honor football servants annually because there are a lot of servants that need recognition. We also have to honor the best run leagues and regions,” Sebego said. Fani however strongly believes some of the things are just not realistic.

“We have applied for all the FIFA programmes in terms of grants and or any courses that were availed to us. We have also fully utilized CAF’s programmes and we can’t start talking other things before we even evaluate certain programmmes we have been engaged in. We have regions that are functioning well and appreciating our challenges which will be there irrespective of which leader comes on board,” said Fani.
Fani also pointed to the Zebras maiden AFCON qualification as an achievement that cannot be played down. Sebego is however of the opinion that what we currently have in football is just good fortune.

“We don’t have growth as people think. We have had certain success which is not in doubt. Just seven months ago we were ranked as high as 53 but now we are below 100, so there is no growth but we only delivered results. We are not pumping enough from the bottom. Our clubs are not consistent in Africa. Regions have suffered running with budgets of around P15 000 a year,” Sebego argues
The man also explained that while BFA is benefiting from FIFA the same is not happening to its affiliates as there are no benefits. Sebego strongly believes he is not just dreaming as football has the biggest market that it is not beeing utilized.

“These things are not dreams, companies need the market we have and we need to turn it into money and we need business acumen to do these. We need a company that can generate money and not just operate like a society. So I am very hopeful that the people have understood my vision,” said Sebego.

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