I have noticed that most young ladies end up crying all their tears out after being left with a heart broken into a million pieces due to ignorance and stupidity.

I’m sorry ladies, but I have to be blunt in order for you to really get this. Most of the times we think with our hearts and forget the function of our heads, or rather, our brains. This is the biggest mistake that we make and it has to stop.

Now it’s amazing how sometimes we see things with our eyes but stillrefuse to process what’s going on. I must say, I do act like this sometimes, I’ve had my fair share of these terrible incidents and I tell you, I’m wiser than that wise man people are always talking about. Like I mentioned earlier, we let guys toy with our feelings and we just take a back sit, maybe because the guy is hot or handsome.

Now guys, I do not believe in the “Love is blind” thing because we see things as ladies but we just refuse reality to register on us. We act like fools sometimes, which is sad really.

You must be wondering why I’m going on about this right? Well, here is the thing, I recently had an experience where I had to act with my brain and not my heart. Doesn’t it raise eyebrows when a guy claims to want to be in your life but only come to you when he needs something, maybe cash, food, or airtime? Now ladies, this is so simple to pick up really.

And it’s not only about money hey, it’s really sad that some ladies are being used for sexual pleasures and they don’t really see this. I mean I find it difficult to understand why we can’t see such things. I know for a fact that there are girls who only see their supposed boyfriends /man at night, never would their boyfriends want to see them during the day, or rather be seen with their girls during the day. The guys always have excuses and the funny thing is that as ladies we end up making excuses for these guys when we are questioned about them.

Things like, he’s really working hard, he’s busy during the day, on Saturdays he needs to refresh with his boys and on Sundays he really needs to rest.Is it not confusing to you that he only has time for you at night!? It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

I recently had a chat with one of my guy friends and he did indeed confirm that guys know girls weakest points. You show them that you really into them, tjo! You boost their ego and the rest is well… history! Etla bo e le jaaka o kgotlhetse molelo! Tell a guy that you think he’s attractive and you’ll be like a puppet for a while. Bear in mind that when a guy is an opportunist, he doesn’t show it all at once, he slowly studies you and knows exactly what to do to get whatever he wants from you. Another major thing is that look out for the type to make you feel guilty that o ganne go mo rekela airtime, you refusing to spend the night with them or something of that sort. Don’t fall for this ladies, o tla tobiwa ke motho gore o sale o sa ikitse!


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exactly my sista! m always telling gals ka kgang e,ba re nna ke chobolo jaanong thnx 4 the advice.nna i dnt tolerate with those types of guys dats why ke sa jole.ke di parasite di guy tsa malatsi a,shame on them…….


ke sone seo my sista,sum guys take gals 4 a ride once he is done he is gone,gals sa tseneng ka mmele othe tsenya monwana wa leoto o seka wa nwela tht is why we end up brknheatrd.dnt shw guys ur weakest points [email protected] izzy o opile hlogo lenaka


eish gone wa bua waitse


true dat.re tletse mas*%a majita,trust me been there done that.

Ba malatsi a basimane ga se ba maloba bale,go tlhokana le confidence n high self esteem,itse se o se batlan n stic 2 it. sere mayb whn actually u mean NO!nna batle ba re ke masetsenwa coz ga ke batle go phurwaphurwa ke lebile ka matlho ebil ke bona go sena lerato nnete ele gor motho o aftr smthn.Ha e le ya go kopiwa dilo ke a boy ke ganana nayo


ladies, ladies everyone has his/her experience when it comes to the matters of the heart. It does not mean this experiences are the same no. We have ladies who really and deliberately break boys/men’s hearts. You need not to be mmasetsenwa or chobolo, but have principles in life know what you need and want and what you do not. Love is about happiness not what we can get from each other. And whatever we do let there be a balance


itz lyk thz guy knw ma prob, i wz confusd atlist i learnt sumthn.thnkz