I recently received an email from one of the Youth Affair loyal readers asking for advice.

Most of the times I’m able to advise with general knowledge but if I cannot help, I usually refer the reader to someone who I believe is in a position to assist.Anyhow, back to the email that I received, it was from a 19 year old young lady desperately asking for help. This girl is going through difficult times as she just found out that she is pregnant with the 20 year old boyfriend’s baby.

So basically this girl was asking me what to do, whether to tell the parents and keep the baby or to abort.  Now, for the first time ever, I couldn’t even advice just a little bit because I think this kind of situation is a tough one. This is why I decided to write about the email so we get people’s different opinions that might help this young lady and her boyfriend come to a reasonable decision that they might not regret.

Apparently both teens are from not so well up families and bringing another human being into the picture will just be burdening both families and maybe unfair to the life being brought into the picture. So now the big question is whether to kill an unborn and save both the parents and the teens a lifetime of misery and pain or face the possibilities of not being able to feed the child.

She also asked if she should tell her parents about her pregnancy and this was the only question that I could answer. Now I obviously told her to tell her parents because you simply cannot keep such things from your parents. Imagine you decide to do an abortion and something wrong happens in the process like you ending up in the hospital. So tota fela this one e ma ovi, no questions asked!

Like I said, I don’t have a firm stand to help these two out. Should they keep the baby and struggle to feed it or is abortion the right decision to do in this case? What do you think, what is your advice?
Send your responses to [email protected] or sms Youth followed by your comment to 16565( sms charge is P2 and open to all networks)

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let the gal hv d baby,ba ne ba ja mnate ba sa itse di result?

Chris M

We have a right and free will to make choices in life but we don’t have much of a choice when it comes to consequences of those actions we freely choose. This is that typical example!There is only one answer to this; tell your parents and damn keep and raise that baby! Once you become sexually active, even doing the best you can to prevent pregnancy, there is always a chance that you will fall pregnant. Man up or woman up to deal with the outcome of the decision you made, to engage in sex! Anything else is nonsense! Abortion… Read more »

chama boi

fotseke tsholang ngwana yoo ga se lona fela gape 19 wa bo ole mosadi so tlogelang go tshameka ka rona nna ga ke rate gonna go nyelelwa mo thogong yame